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ADDRISI BROTHERS – Cherrystone/Lilies Grow High (Del-Fi 4116/wol)                                               VG+      6


ADDRISI BROTHERS – Good News/Time To Love (Warner Bros. 7249/dj)                                              EX        6


STEVE ALAIMO – Happy/On The Beach (ABC 10833/dj)                                                                              M-       8 

(Excellent beat ballad that was a big local hit for Alaimo on WQAM and WFUN in Miami)

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SALIX ALBA – I Can't Resist/Sweet Times (Stax 0103/dj)                                                                                  M-       5


ALCATRAZZ – Island In The Sun/Hiroshima Mon Amour (Rocshire 95047 with PIC SLEEVE)   M- record & sleeve    7 

   (Early '80s heavy metal band, featuring Yngwie Malmsteen.  In its original thick picture cover)

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GLENN ALEXANDER & GEE GEES – Say Boy Say Girl/Have You Ever Seen The Rain

                                                                                                                             (Hundee 610 x 27)                             M-       6 

(Tampa, Florida private press from the early '70s, related to the collectable Gimp label)

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ALLEGROS – My Pretty One/Hula Girl (Sukacha 101/xol)                                                                             VG+      12 

(Obscure East Coast vocal group)

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GENE ALLISON – Have Faith/My Heart Remembers (Vee Jay 273)                                                           VG+         5 

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BILLY ALWAYS – Didn't We Do It /Didn't We Do It (Waylo 114/dj)                                                             M-         6 

(Deep soul ballad, produced by Willie Mitchell)

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AMERICAN GROUP – Room 222 stereo/mono  (AGP 124/dj)                                                      VG to VG+       6 

(The memorable 1969 television theme song, played by Chips Moman's all-star Memphis soul band.)

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PETER ANDERS –Sunrise Highway/Baby Baby  (Buddah 3)                                                                  VG+        6    ** SOLD **

(One of the main guys in the Trade Winds, Innocence, and Videls stepped out on his own (sort of), 
with this 1967 non-hit.    Both sides would have fit in nicely on the Tradewinds' LP.

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HERB OSCAR ANDERSON – Let's Have A Community Sing/Shine On Harvest Moon (Capitol 2164)    EX    5 

   (The legendary WABC disc jockey)


VIC ANDERSON – If It's All I Can Have/Chained and Bound  (MCA 40036/dj)                                     EX         8

(Deep soul that's been written up on Sir Shambling's Deep Soul Heaven.   Anderson's only U.S. release)

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VICKI ANDERSON & JAMES BROWN – Think/Nobody Cares (by Vicki Anderson) (King 6091)   VG      5

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JOHN ANDREA – Every Heart/Let Me Tell You About Mary (20th Century Fox 525/dj/wol)    VG to VG+     6 

(Early P.F. Sloan & Steve Barri teener)

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LEE ANDREWS –I'm Sorry, Pillow/Gee, But I'm Lonesome (Parkway 860/wol)                           VG+ to EX       6 

(Early '60s "Pittsburgh oldie")

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ANGELIC GOSPEL SINGERS – Jesus Will Never Say No/I Will Trust In The Lord (Nashboro 1000/wol)  EX to M-    6 

(Soulful black gospel from the early '70s)

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ANN-MARGRET & LEE HAZLEWOOD –Walk On Out Of My Mind/Hangin On (LHI 11/dj)     M-     6

(Two tracks by The Cowboy and The Lady, in great shape)

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JOHN ANTHONY & SATURN EXPEDITION – Theme For Apollo 11/Tel-Star (Solar Sonic 101)  EX   8 

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TONI ARDEN – In The Summer Of His Years/My Heart Is A Chapel (Decca 31576)                                    M-       5 

   (Tribute to JFK in great shape, still in its original Decca company label sleeve)


ROD ARGENT – Light Fantastic/Gymnopedies No. 1 (MCA 294/UK)                                                        EX          5

   (Solo single by the Zombies' keyboard player.   Original UK press with centre intact)
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AZLBRAX – Lonely No More/Song For The Dead & Dying (Intergalactic Bicycle-Demon 111 w/PIC SLEEVE)

('80s independent project by Ultimate Spinach front man Ian Bruce-Douglas... after he'd moved from New England
to South Florida.   The group's former name, Bloodlust, is crossed out on the label.)      Record is M-, Picture Sleeve is VG    10
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BAD BOYS – What Took You So Long/You're Not Alone Anymore (Bell 840/bb)                                     VG+      15

   (Classy Northern soul oldie, produced by Dale Hawkins) 


BAD COMPANY – Young Blood Advance TEST PRESSING (no label name SS-70108/dj only)  EX to M-        8

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BADAZZ – Honk Honk Beep Beep mono/stereo (A&M 2023/dj)                                                                  VG+        5

   (Funky disco track that includes an evil laugh) 


JIM BAKUS AND FRIEND – Delicious!/I Need A Vacation (Jubilee 5330)                                         VG+        6

   (Gilligan's Island millionaire Thurston Howell III clowning around with a woman on these novelty 

   tunes, and it's not even Lovey!)


BANDWAGON – Breakin Down The Walls of Heartache/Dancin Master (Epic 5-10352)             VG to VG+       6

(1968 Northern soul classic, and a big Philly radio hit)

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PHIL BARR & HIS  – Soul Concerto/Everybody Go Home  (Laurie 3472/dj/date stamp & writing on label)      M-   5

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JEFF BARRY – Walkin' In The Sun STEREO/MONO (A&M 1422/dj/date stamp on label)                      M-         5

   (Original version of a song that was also recorded by Percy Sledge) 


LEN BARRY – Diggin' Life STEREO/MONO (Buddah 284/dj/with PICTURE SLEEVE)                              M-       12

   (With dj-only "title cover".  Small tear from storage on the bottom of the sleeve.) 


BAXTER – 197Three/197Three  (Paramount 0194/dj)                                                                                          M-        5

(Obscure early '70s progressive rock from a New York band)

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BEACH BOYS – California Saga STEREO/MONO  (Brother-Reprise 1156/dj/sol & slight wol on one side)  VG+   7 

   (Lesser-heard song on an original 40-year-old dj promo)

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BEETLE BASHERS/HEARSEMEN – Dont Make Love In The Cornfields/Adventures In 
Click here to view the label.                                                               Paradise (Marvel 402/writing & date on label)   M-        5 


BEGINNING OF THE END – Funky Nassau Part 1/Part 2 (V.P.M. 4621/heavy wol)                             G          5                

   (Original local label, before being leased to Alston.    Not pretty to look it, but it plays)


REUBEN BELL – I Hear You Knocking (It's Too Late)/Baby Love (Deluxe 140)                                       VG+        5                   

   (As heard on the compilation "King's Serious Soul Volume 2")


BELL HOPS – Carmella/Teenage Years (Barb 102)                                                                                            VG+       10

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BELLES – Ain't That A Shame/If You Wanna Be Happy (Giant 9005)                                                             VG          6

   (Good versions on a Nashville budget label, that was somehow tied in to Hit Records)

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CHUCK BENNETT – Seven Days/I Went To Your House (Bonnie 101/stkr on lbl removed)               VG-         6 

(Doo wop sound with Link Wray involvement.  Bennett was actually Chuck Avery, bass player &
vocalist with Link's Raymen)

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BILL BLACK'S COMBO – Slow Action/But It's Alright (Columbia 4-44867/CANADA/wol)              EX        5

   (Slow burning funk in a Booker T & The MG's mold, backed by a guitar, brass, organ, and drums

version of the J.J. Jackson oldie.  An original 1969 Canadian pressing.)


BILL BLACK'S COMBO – Little Jasper/Do It - Rat Now (Hi 2064/CANADA)                                     VG+        5

  (On the old-style black Hi Canadian label.)


BILL BLACK'S COMBO – Turn On Your Lovelight/Ribbon of Darkness (Hi 2145/sol)                   EX to M-  5 

(Very funky version of the Bobby Bland classic.   Cool drum break, with a dash of Hammond organ,
before the sax comes honking in.)


CILLA BLACK – Step Inside Love/I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off You (Bell 726)                                      VG+      6

   (From the "songs the Beatles gave away" category comes this dramatic teen ballad, written
by Lennon & McCartney (well, MAINLY McCartney) and produced by George Martin)

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LINCOLN BLACK – Famous Last Words/You Built Me Up So High (Monument 45-1195/dj)                M-     6

   (UK pop in a "Ripples" vein from 1970)

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TERRY BLACK & LAUREL WARD – Goin' Down (Kama Sutra 540/dj/with PIC SLV)                M-/M-  6

   (Includes a dj-only title sleeve that was never released to the public.   In fact, it was only available in the 

promotional-only "Buddah Hit Pack" from January 1972.)


BLACK BLOOD – Chicano/Rastiferia (Mainstream 5574/sticker on label)                                        EX          6

   (70s Latino funk)

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BLACK DIAMOND – Just Another Booty Song STEREO/MONO (Atlantic 3428/dj)                   M-        5

   (Funky '70s)

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BLACK SHEEP – Broken Promises/A Little Or Alot  (Capitol 4012)                               EX            5

(1975 New York band featuring Lou Gramm of Foreigner, back when he was still known as
Lou Grammatico)

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BLOWFLY – Blowfly's Rapp Part1/Part 2  (Weird World 900)                                              M-          7


BLUES PROJECT – Easy Lady mono/stereo  (Capitol 3374/dj)                                       M-           5 

GRAHAM BONNEY – Super Girl/Hill of Lovin'  (Capitol 5624/X & date on label)   EX to M-    7

(Old Northern soul spin with girl group backing, that's sure to bring back lots of memories.   
Graham sounds like the British version of Billy Joe Royal.)

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BOOGIE WHIP – Georgia Belle/Please Don't Take Her Away (Beacon no #)                VG-          7

Glam meets AOR on this '70s private press obscurity from Hazlehurst, Georgia.   These guys
also played Southern rock (of course) and recently reunited.)

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BOOKER T & THE MG's – Winter Snow/Silver Bells (Stax 236/writing & date on label)   VG     5

   (A cool mod version of a Christmas standard, backed by a slow jazz jam that features Isaac Hayes on piano)

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DAVID BOWIE – Alabama Song/Crystal Japan  (RCA Japan 3270 with PICTURE INSERT)   M-    12

   (1980 Japanese import.   Yes, "Alabama Song" is a cover of the Doors.)

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JIMMY BOYD  –  I Would Never Do That/So Young and So Fine (Imperial 66233/dj)  Looks M-, Plays VG+    7

   (1966 near-hit, arranged and co-produced by Leon Russell.  While this didn't do much on the national charts,
 it was a big record in San Diego, and reached #2 on WOKY in Louisville, Kentucky.   
It also received play on Bobby Rich's Turkey Hour on KFMB.)

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MIKE BRADLEY – Wow/Dear Boy  (Soft 1022/dj/wol)                                                        EX       6

   (Cool and funky instrumental that Texas legend Major Bill Smith loved to use as B-side filler...
even though in some cases, like this one, it was the better side.)

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BREWER & SHIPLEY – Shake Out The Demon/same (Kama Sutra 539/dj/with PICTURE SLEEVE)  M-   5

   (With dj-only "title cover" that was never released to the public.) 


BRICK – Music Matic/Good High  (MainStreet 119)                                                        EX to M-        6

   (Early modern soul release, before their major label hits)

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BRICK WALL – Poor Mary Has Drowned/If I Had Let You In (Capitol 2545/dj/wol)       VG         6

(Alabama & Georgia 60s group, produced and co-written by Eddie Hinton.  One side was influenced by the Association,
the other by "Walk Away Renee".   Featuring Mike Lewis, formerly of the Seeds of Time, and later of

The Devil's Brigade and Quicksilver Messenger Service)

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ARELEAN BROWN – I Am A Streaker/Why I Love You  (Dud Sound 4730)        VG+ to EX     7

  (Brown explains why she loves to take it all off in public, on this bluesy, soulful Chicago disc from 1974.
Don't look, Ethyl!)

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JOE BROWN – Misty Mountain/Hey Mama (Ammo 101/UK)                                             EX           5

(UK acoustic folk that reminds me of Bobby Darin's folk-rock period.   Original 40+-year-old UK
press with the centre intact.)

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MATT BROWN – A Man Without A Woman/Soul Of A Man  (Le Cam 357)                   M-         7

  (Texas deep soul productions by Major Bill Smith)

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BROWNSVILLE STATION – The Red Back Spider/Rock With The Music (Big Tree 156) M-   5 


LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM – Trouble TEST PRESSING (no label name or number/dj only)  M-   6

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BUCKINGHAMS – Lawdy Miss Clawdy/I Call Your Name  (USA 869/bb)                    EX to M-      7 

(Chicago band puts their mark on two covers, including a Beatles song)                              

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B. BUMBLE & STINGERS – Rockin-On-N-Off/Mashed #5 (Rendezvous 174)            EX       5 


B. BUMBLE & STINGERS – Flight Of The Hornet/The Green Hornet Theme (Mercury 72614/bb)   nice VG+   7 

(Super-cool instrumentals inspired by the 60s Green Hornet TV show)

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TONY BURROWS – Every Little Move She Makes/I've Still Got My Heart, Jo (Bell 912/bb)  M-  6


BUSTER – Sunday (mono)/Sunday (stereo) (RCA 10726 with PICTURE SLEEVE)    Record is M-, Slv is VG+    7

   ('70s British bubblepop from the Liverpool area.   Their average age was fifteen.)

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THE CAKE – Fire Fly/Rainbow Wood  (Decca 32235/dj/slt writing & date stamp on label)    EX to M-       6  

('60s all girl band with an acid folk, Baroque influenced sound.   Try it.)

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CALENDER – Hypertension Part 1/Part 2  (Pi Kappa 608)                                                          M-      6

   (Funky 70s from New Jersey)


RAY CAMPI ESTABLISHMENT – Civil Disobedience/He's A Devil (Sonobeat 111)  EX to M-   8

   (1968 song about protests, on a legendary Texas label better known for its psych releases)

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CANNIBAL & HEADHUNTERS – Land Of 1000 Dances/I'll Show You How To Love Me 

                                                                                                                                          (Rampart 642)    M-    6

   (Original, 50-year-old 60s hit in great condition.   The flip is surprisingly strong doo wop.)


FREDDIE CANNON – Sock It To The Judge/Rock Around The Clock 

                                                      (We Make Rock N Roll Records 1601/wol)                                    VG+    6              

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CANNONBALLS – Calliope Boogie/Lullaby Of Birdland (Brunswick 55212/dj/wol)          VG      5

   (Rock 'n roll instrumentals with a calliope organ as part of the instrumentation)


CARLO – Little Orphan Girl/Mairzy Doats  (Laurie 3157/writing on one side of label)           VG+     5

   (Solo 45 by long-time member of the Belmonts.  This was a top ten hit on WQAM in Miami in 1963)

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CATHY CARROLL – The Young Ones/My Heart Already Knows (Warner Bros 5263/dj)  VG to VG+   6

(Teen girl version of the Cliff Richard song that's better known as the theme from the popular TV show)

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CLARENCE CARTER – If You Let Me Take You Home/same (Ichiban 86-106/dj)            M-     5

   (Modern soul)

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MEL CARTER – The Richest Man Alive/I'll Never Be Free  (Imperial 66078)             EX to M-     6  

   (His most soulful record.   Good Northern sound)


JIMMY CASTOR – Hey, Leroy, Your Mama's Callin You/Ham Hocks Espanol. (Smash 2069)  VG+   6        

   (Mod Latin soul classic)


JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH – My Brightest Day (short version)/You Better Be Good (RCA 0583/dj/wol)   EX to M-   10

   (70s dancing soul, with a "More Today Than Yesterday" kind of feel.   A change of pace for Castor, and an old Ian Levine favorite.)


CHANCELLORS – I'm A Man/So Fine  (Soma 1435/dj/initials & a bit of sticker stain on one side)   VG+    6

(Minnesota garage band tries a different approach to the Bo Diddley/Yardbirds classic)

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CHARADES – Left Wing Bird/Hammers & Sickles (Monument 921)                                         EX        8 

(Anti-Communist, anti-liberal songs from the height of the Cold War... with a folk rock beat.   "Hammers & Sickles"

was written by future author H. Jackson Brown Jr., about a guy going off to fight the Commies!)

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RAY CHARLES – Claudia Mae/Someone To Watch Over Me (ABC TRC 45-11251)     EX to M-    5

 (One of Ray's funkier records)


RAY CHARLES – Hide Nor Hair/At The Club (ABC-Paramount 10314)                                EX          5

(Good job on a song that was also recorded by Earl Grant)

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CHARTBUSTERS – One Bird In The Hand Is Like Two In The Bush/Maybe (You've Changed) (Crusader 129)   VG+    8

 (Original label for "One Bird", before it came out on Bell.    Little-known one by the Washington D.C. band behind the "Beatlerama Vol. 2" LP)

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CHUBBY CHECKER – The Weekend's Here/Lovely, Lovely (Parkway 936/bb/wol)     VG+    5 

   (Northern soul dance sound about everybody's favorite time of the week.)


CHEERS – Take Me To Paradise/I Made Up My Mind (Okeh 4-7331/dj/date stamp on label) 

(Nice Northern soul sound.    Has a noticeable warp that DOES NOT affect  play.  Otherwise EX to M-.   7

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LOU CHESTER JR. – Teasin'/Let's Fall In Love To Stay  (Young 1001)                             VG-      10

  (Teenish vocals and rockabilly guitar, on a Miami label that's related to Art and AFS.)

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CHICAGO GANGSTERS. – Don't Be Gone/I Choose You  (Gold Plate 1949)                 VG+        8

  (Modern soul with a recitation at the beginning, from the pen of Willie Hutch.   Sweet soul flip.   On the
same small label as Key & Cleary.)

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CHIFFONS – A Love So Fine/Only My Friend (Laurie 3195/bb)                                               M-        5


JOHNNY CHINGAS –  Hairy Situation/I Want To Marry You  (Billionaire 1983)              M-        5

  (Sorta funky obscurity) 


LOU CHRISTIE – Beyond The Blue Horizon/Saddle The Wind (Three Brothers 402)       M-        5


JIMMY (SOUL) CLARK  – If I Only Knew Then/Do It Right Now (Karen 1539/bb)  EX to M-    8

(1960s Detroit soul from the pen of Popcorn Wiley and Tony Hester.   Handclaps, soulful backing
vocals -- this has it goin' on.)

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PETULA CLARK – Elle Est Finie/J'At Tout Oublie  (Laurie 3236/dj)                                      VG          5

   (U.S. promo, sung in French, a year before her breakthrough with "Downtown")


PETULA CLARK – Natural Love/Because I Love Him  (Scotti Brothers 02676/stamped dj) M-       5

  (Petula's 1981 comeback attempt, with kind of an Olivia Newton-John kind of sound)


ALLAN CLARKE –  Born To Run/Why Don't You Call (EMI 2352/UK)                                 M-        5

  (1975 issue by the long-time Hollies vocalist , trying his hand on a Bruce Springsteen song)

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TONY CLARKE – Aint Love Good-Aint Love Proud/Coming Back Strong (Chess 1894/wol)  VG   6 

(Mid-60s mod soul from the "Landslide" guy)

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SONJI CLAY –  Nobody/Here I Am & Here I'll Stay (Songee 1001)                              EX to   M-       10

  (Another soulful outing from the former Mrs. Cassius Clay)


CLINGER SISTERS – Golly Mom/Pupper (Tollie 9035/dj)                                                     VG-         5        ** SOLD **

  (Superb 1964 kiddie/teen girl group, including Debra Clinger, later of the Rock Flowers and Capt.

Kool & The Kongs)

Click here to see the label.


DAVID ALLEN COE –  Two Tone Brown STEREO/MONO (SSS 864/dj)                            VG         6

  (Very early single, before he became a star)

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CLAY COLE – Here, There, Everywhere/Skip-Skip (Roulette 4280/sticker on label)              VG         5

   (Early '60s rock 'n roll record by the legendary New York disc jockey & TV host)


KEITH COLLEY –  Enamorado/No Joke (Unical 3006/wol)                                             EX to M-       5

  (Obscure Hot 100 song from 1963.   Very clean vinyl)

Click here to see the label.


COLLINS KIDS – Sugar Plum/Kinda Like Love (Columbia 41329/dj)                                      VG+     5

  (Early 60s old-style Columbia promo by Larry & Lorrie)


COMMANDER SHAD –  Ignorant/Version (Kennedy International/JAMAICA)            EX        5

Click here to see the label.


CONJUNTO HNOS. MARTINEZ –  La Cumbia Del Torero/La Mucura (RCA Victor 2051/MEXICO)  EX   8

  (Original Mexican 45 of obscure '60s cumbia)

Click here to see the label.


BOB CONRAD – Cindy Is Gone/Again  (Warner Bros. 5317/dj                                               M-        6 

(Teeners from TV star Robert Conrad)

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CONTOURS – Just A Little Misunderstanding/Determination (Gordy 7052/bb)          EX to M-       6  

   (Classic 1966 Motown Northern soul)
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LOU COURTNEY – Beware/What Do You Want Me To Do (Epic 5-11062)                           VG       5 

(70s soul obscurity, co-produced by Jerry Ragovoy


DON COVAY – Badd Boy Side 1/Side 2 (Newman 500/xol)                                                          M-       5


BILL COWSILL – When Everybody's Here/Wish I Could Say The Same.. (MGM 14166/dj) VG     5


SUSAN COWSILL – The Next Time That I See You stereo/mono (Warner Bros 8333/dj)    M-       7


COWSILLS – We Can Fly/A Time For Remembrance (MGM 13886/bb/PS)                              EX        5

   (with original color picture sleeve)


SIMON CRUM – Don't Be Mad/Little Red Webb (Capitol 4966/stkr & writing on 1 side)    VG+     5

   (Elvis Presley parody)

Click here to view the label.


CRYAN' SHAMES – Greenburg Glickstein Charles David Smith & Jones/The Warm (Columbia 44638/dj/date on label)   EX   6

   (One of their best, with psych and toytown touches)

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   (Dr. Frank N Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, including a promo picture cover)  RECORD M-, PIC SLV EX     6

Click here to view the picture sleeve.


CUT-UPS – Everything's Yellow/I'll Cry Tomorrow (Hickory 1449/dj)                                            M-       8 

Click here to see the label.


SONNY D'NUNZIO – That's How Much I Love My Baby/California's Still On My Mind (Unital 710)  M-  18

   (Northern soul spin in the UK and Germany.    D'Nunzio was the lead singer of Pittsburgh groups the Fenways 

and the Racket Squad.   The latter group also cut this tune in a more poppy arrangement.)


DADDY BOB  – Welcome Home Elvis/Poppa's Gone (Bertram-International 1835)                  M-       5

   (Obscure Elvis novelty)


DADE WINDS  – Preacher Man's A Comin'/Riffin' The Blues  (Jubilant no #)                       VG+      15

   (Big, brassy local Miami 60s instrumental)

Click here to view the label.


DAMITA JO  – I'll Save The Last Dance For You/Forgive (Mercury 71690)                              M-       5

   (Answer record, as Damita says YES to the Drifters)


LIZ DAMON'S ORIENT EXPRESS – 1900 Yesterday/You're Falling In Love (White Whale 368)   EX to M-   5

  (Somehow this Hawaiian act got ahold of two obscure Betty Everett songs.   Minor hit from 1970, and an

occasional Northern soul spin)


DANTE – Am I The One/The Magic Ring (Imperial 5867/dj)                                                          VG          5

   (Teeners on a white demo, from the leader of Dante & The Evergreens)

Click here to see the label.


DANTES – Connection/Connection  (Main Line 1366/dj)                                                        EX to M-   10

   (Columbus, Ohio 60s garage band tackles a Rolling Stones album cut)

Click here to view the label.


FRED DARIAN – Strong Man/Johnny Willow (JAF 2023)                                                  VG- to VG    5    

   (Belgian popcorn sound with confident vocals and compelling work-song lyrics.   Fans of
"Sixteen Tons" will surely like this.)

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BOBBY DARIN –  Golden Earrings/Milord  (Atco 6297)                                                           EX         5

Click here to see the label.


DAVE DEE DOZY BEAKY MICK & TICH – Hold Tight!/You Know What I Want
                                                                                                                    (Fontana 1545/dj)                      M-       6 

(Early one by the UK band.  This was a hit on WQAM in Miami in 1966)                         


BILLIE DAVIS – That Boy John/Say Nothin' Don't Tell (Columbia UK 7195)                       VG+       7

   (1964 rendition of a Jeff Barry & Ellie Greenwich song that was first recorded by their group,
the Raindrops.   Original 50-something-year-old British press, with the center still intact.)

Click here to see the label.


LES SPENCER DAVIS GROUP – Dimples/Somebody Help Me (Fontana 267.584/FRANCE/wol)  VG+   6

   (French pressing of a mod classic, with a different flip side than the U.S. issue)

Click here to see the label.


SPENCER DAVIS GROUP – Time Seller/Don't Want You Know More (United Artists 50202/dj)    EX    6

   (1967 U.S. white label promo.   "Time Seller" was a change of pace for the group, and a sign of what
was to come from Stevie Winwood's new band, Traffic.  The flip was a more typical mod mover with
Hammond organ grooves and some cool blues guitar.)

Click here to see the label.


DAY BREAK – Lost/same (MCM Memphis Management Corp. 1002/yellow wax)               M-          5 

   (AOR kind of sound with Christian-leaning lyrics.   Indie press on yellow vinyl)

Click here to see it


JOHNNY DAYE – Marry Me/Give Me Back My Ring (Jomada 600)                                        M-          8


DEAD SEA FRUIT – Kensington High Street/Put Another Record On Lulu (Atco 6489/dj) EX       8

   (UK '67 light psych, as heard on the compilation "Magic Spectacles")


DEE JAY & RUNAWAYS – Doesn't Matter Anymore/My Gal (Sonic 148/wol)               VG+       10

   (Tough to find one from the "Peter Rabbit" crew from Spirit Lake, Iowa.)

Click here to view the label.


DELTA 5 –  Try/Colour (Rough Trade 002/UK with PICTURE SLEEVE)                                M-/M-       8

(The third single by these punk-funk misfits, from around the time they toured the U.S.)

Click here to see the picture cover


NICKY DeMATTEO  – Suddenly/I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night (Guyden 2024/wol)  EX to M-   7

   (Good East Coast teener)

Click here to view the label!


DAVE DePAUL – The Great International Golf Tournament Part 1/2 (Tournament 1/2/sol)   VG        5

   (Real odd golfing comedy 45 on green wax)

Click here to see it


DETERGENTS – Mrs. Jones/Tea And Trumpets (Roulette 4616)                                          M-           5 

   (Obscure one from the mid-60s studio group that featured RON DANTE)


                                   Here Come The Judge/Collection of Hearts  (Indigo 4444)                           M-            5

(Three years before Chick-A-Boom, the alter ego of songwriter Dick Monda recorded this
novelty tribute to Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, and its famous catch phrase.)

Click here to see the label.


MOSES DILLARD & TEX-TOWN DISPLAY – Our Love Is True/same (Curtom 1958/dj)    M-     8

(Deep soul with an interesting backing track, from one half of the Moses & Joshua duo.   Tex-Town Display
was based in South Carolina, and included a young Peabo Bryson.)

Click here to view the label.


JOEY DiLORENZO – Smile/Make It Rain (Paula 361/dj)                                                        VG+        10


DIODES – Tired Of Waking Up Tired/Child Star (Epic 4186/CANADA)                                    M-         10 

   (Excellent Canadian punk and power pop from 1977)


DIXIE DRIFTER – Soul Heaven/Three Chairs Theme (Roulette 4641/bb)                           EX            5

   (60s tribute to Sam Cooke, Dinah Washington, and Nat King Cole, all of whom had recently died.)


DEBBY DOBBINS – How You Gonna Feel/Hey Mr. Stranger (Spirit 102/wol)                    VG+      10   

   (Two good sides out of North Carolina.  "How You Gonna Feel" features vibes and fingersnaps,
and has a real good-time "shaggin' on the beach" feel.)

Click here to view the label.


MALCOLM DODDS & TUNEDROPS – Tonight/Unspoken Love (End 1010/sol)   VG         5

(Good old popcorn sound.   Alan Freed grabbed half the writer's credits on "Tonight")

Click here to view the label.


SWAMP DOGG – Straight From My Heart/Don't Throw Your Love To The Wind 

                                                                      (Swamp Dogg Presents 501/white label dj)                     EX           6


SWAMP DOGG & RIDERS OF THE NEW FUNK –  My Heart Just Can't Stop Dancing/

                                                                                        Silly, Silly, Silly, Silly Me  (Musicor 6306)    VG+         6


MICKY DOLENZ – Daybreak stereo/mono (Romar 710/dj)                                                      M-         8 

(Solo single by the Monkees front man, written and produced by Harry Nilsson)

Click here to view the label


DONS – Dream Girl/Marcheta (Heartbeat 1/X written on label)                                           EX to M-         5

(Teen vocal group sound, on a Chicago label... arranged by Don Ralke)

Click here to view the label.


DOODLES – I Want To Hold Your Hand/FRED YORK - A Fool Never Learns (Hit 104/sol) EX          5 

   (Interesting Beatles cover from the Nashville label that specialized in cheap versions of current

hits.  This features Bobby Russell on lead vocals.)



                                                                                                           (Marmalade 598011/UK)             VG+           7
(Late 60s UK mod sound, on the same collectable label as some early 10cc projects.)

Click here to see it


DYKE & THE BLAZERS – You Are My Sunshine/City Dump (Original Sound 90)         M-          6     

(Total transformation of the moldy oldie, turning it into a slow funk burner.   Hammond organ fans

will enjoy the "dirty dirty" B-side)

Click here to see the label.


EBONY WEB – I'll Still Be Loving You/Think About It  (Hi 2243/dj)             Great-playing VG+         8

(It's that distinctive Willie Mitchell production sound from Memphis on the top side... on a song
co-written by Fred Briggs.  The guys get funky on the B-side (minus Willie Mitchell) on a very
interesting track.)

Click here to view the label


ECHOES – Over The Rainbow/Someone  (Specialty 601, with original 1950s label sleeve)  VG           6

  (1950s doo wop 45, in the Specialty Records sleeve that it was issued in)

Click here to see the record and sleeve.


EDDIE & ERNIE – I'm Goin' For Myself/The Vat  (Eastern 606)                                          VG+          7

   (Deep soul on one side, and a dance floor cooker on the other, from the always-soulful duo
from Phoenix.)

Click here to see the label.


EDDIE & HOT RODS – Get Out Of Denver/Get Out Of Denver (Island 082/dj)               M-           6

(1976 U.S. promo of this UK classic)

Click here to see the label.


DUANE EDDY – El Rancho Grande/Poppa's Movin' On (Colpix 795/wol)                            VG+         5 

Click here to view the label


DUANE EDDY – Trash/South Phoenix  (Colpix 779/dj)                                                              M-         7 

(Obscure promo 45 by the twangy guitar legend)

Click here to view the label


DUANE EDDY – Renegade stereo/Renegade mono  (Big Tree 157/dj/writing on label)    EX         7 


LADA EDMUND JR. – I Know Something/Once Upon A Time (Decca 31937)                             5

   (Looks previously unplayed NEAR MINT, but "I Know Something" side plays with some distortion.)

Click here to see it.


VINCENT EDWARDS – See That Girl/No Not Much (Colpix 771/dj/with PICTURE COVER)  

(TV's Ben Casey, singing a majestic Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil beat ballad, in the vein of their
smash "I'm Gonna Be Strong")                  Record is M-, Picture Sleeve is VG-                                          6

Click here to view the picture sleeve.             


EIGHT MINUTES – Looking For A Brand New Game/Find The One Who Loves You (Perception 533)   M-    5

  (70s crossover sound from a young and soulful group)

Click here to see the label.


EL CLOD – Tijuana Border/Pedro's Piano Roll Twist (Apex 76824/CANADA)                       EX           6

(Early 60s novelty on a beautiful burgundy Canadian label)


LORRAINE ELLISON – Cry Me A River/Heart Be Still (Loma 2074/bb)                             M-         6

(Class recordings by a deep soul queen)


ELMO & ALMO – When The Good Sun Shines/Part II (Daddy Best Presents 2501)          VG          5

   (1967 Billboard Hot 100 obscurity by Bonner & Gordon in disguise)

Click here to view the label


JOHN ENTWISTLE – My Size/I Believe In Everything  (Decca 32896/bb)                           M-        8

(Solo 45 from the Who bass player, including the cut that gave his best album "Smash
Your Head Against The Wall" its title)

Click here to see the label.


DEL ERICKSON – Two/Time  (Ray Note 10011)                                                                       VG          5 

(Teen sounds from 1960, from a guy that appeared in cult classic films
such as "Hot Rod Girl" and "Blackboard Jungle".   Del was a disc jockey, too! )

Click here to view the label


PAUL EVANS – Think Summer/For Old Time's Sake  (Laurie 3571/dj)                                     VG+         5

(Summertime sound from the former hitmaker/songwriter)


BETTY EVERETT – 1900 Yesterday/Maybe  (Uni 55141/dj)                                                     M-        5

(An early & soulful version of a song later covered by Liz Damon's Orient Express)


EXILES – Put Your Hands Together/Your Day Is Comin' (Columbia 45210/dj)                           M-         5

(Pre-national success 45 by Jimmy Stokley and the boys from Louisville.  Arranged, produced, 

and co-written by Buddy Buie.)

Click here to see the label.


THE EXODUS – Hungaria/Gipsy Dance (Metronome Red Label 1010/GERMANY/w/PIC SLV) EX  10

(2 cool guitar instrumentals.  This comes with a great mod color picture sleeve.)

Click here to see the picture cover


FAJARDO Y SUS ESTRELLAS – El Bodeguero/Silencio (Panart 1850/ CUBA/sol)   EX to M-   6

(Original 1950s Cuban press of these "cha cha cha" tracks.   "Hecho en Cuba for la Cuban Plastics Record Corp.")

Click here to view the label.


TANYA FALAN – Baby What I Mean/Just A Little Lovin' (Ranwood 852/dj/date stamp on label)   EX to M-   5 

(Nice, obscure versioon of the Drifters-Spiral Starecase tune.  The flip is the Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil
song made almost famous by Dusty Springfield.)

Click here to view the label


FRANKIE FANELLI – Laurie Don't Worry/Under Lonely Hearts (RCA 8561/dj/wol) EX to M-    5 

(Early 60s teener by a Frankie that didn't quite make it)                                          


FANTASTIC FOUR – You Gave Me Something/I Don't Wanna Live Without You (Ric Tic 128)  EX to M-    6 

(Good Detroit '60s soul)                           

Click here to see the label.


JULES FARMER –  Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind/I Should Have Loved Her More 

                                                                                       (Roulette 4277/dj/small sticker on label)       EX            6   


FATAL CHARM – Christine/Paris (Fatal 1/UK)                                                                         M-          7

(UK New Wave, produced by Midge Ure,  with a near mint picture sleeve)

Click here to see the picture cover


LEE FIELDS – She's A Love Maker/Let's Talk It Over (London 45-190/dj/date stamp on label)   M-   9

   (Funk on one side, deep soul on the other.   In really nice shape.)

Click here to see it.


5th DIMENSION – Flashback/Diggin' For A Livin' (Bell 45,425)                                            EX           5

   (The last, and most obscure, of their hits, written by Artie Wayne & Alan O'Day)


FIREBALLS – Torquay Two/Peg Leg  (Dot 16493)                                                                    VG+         6

(1963 follow-up/answer to their 1959 hit "Torquay")

Click here to view the label.


FIRST EDITION – Charlie The Fer' De Lance/Look Around, I'll Be There (Reprise 0693/dj)  M-     5

   (Late 60s psychish rock single featuring Kenny Rogers, before his switch to country)


TONI FISHER – Love Big/If I Loved You  (Columbia 42066)                                                   VG          5


ELLA FITZGERALD – See, See Rider/Trouble In Mind  (Verve 10319/dj/bb)            VG to VG+   5

(Ella puts her distinctive stamp on two classics)


PAUL "SIR RAGGEDY" FLAGG – Papa-Momma-Romper-Stomper/Shoo Fly Pie (Atlantic 2443/dj/date on label)   M-    8

   (Funky soul promo from 1967)

Click here to see it.


FLEETWOOD MAC – The Green Manalishi/World In Harmony (Reprise 27007/UK)     VG          5

  (Original UK press from their psych period, featuring Peter Green)

Click here to see the label.


SHELBY FLINT – Cast Your Fate To The Wind/The Lily (Valiant 743)                                 VG+        5

   (Little-heard vocal version that charted on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1966)


WAYNE FONTANA & MINDBENDERS – Um Um Um Um Um/First Taste of Love (Fontana 497/UK/sol)  VG+   6

(Early release, Original UK pressing with centre hole)


FORSAKEN –  Gotta Get Movin'/Frantic  (MTA 111/dj/warp not affecting play)                    M-       6

   (1966 obscurity about escaping the rat race... with a Zombies-influenced electric piano break)

Click here to see the label


JAMIE FOSTER – It's Two O'Clock/Julie Anne  (GLO 3060)                                                  VG            5

(Innocent teen sounds from 1960.   "Two O'Clock" is a ballad, while the chorus joins Foster for the
Ricky Nelson-inspired "Julie Anne")

Click here to view the label.


FOUR LADS  – My Heart's Symphony/Pardon Me Miss (United Artists 50517/dj)              EX           5

  (Original arrangement of the Gary Lewis & Playboys 1966 hit.   The flip was written by Bobby Goldsboro)


KIM FOWLEY – International Heroes stereo/mono (Capitol 3534/dj)                                  VG+          6

   (Cool 1973 release, recorded in England)

Click here to view the label.


CONNIE FRANCIS – I'm Sorry I Made You Cry/Lock Up Your Heart (MGM 12647)                       5

   (Early and largely-forgotten 1958 chart hit from Connie's rockin' phase.  Top side grades VG+, while the 

flip grades VG)

Click here to view the label.


CONNIE FRANCIS – Spanish Nights And You/Games That Lovers Play (MGM 13610/dj)   M-    5


ARETHA FRANKLIN – Can't You Just See Me/Today I Sing The Blues (Columbia 44550/CANADA/wol)  EX      6

 (Early 60s tracks on the cool, classic orange Canadian Columbia label) 


ERMA FRANKLIN – Gotta Find Me A Lover/Change My Thoughts From You (Brunswick 55403/bb)   EX    6
 (Northern soul with a dash of funk from Aretha's sister.   Co-produced by Chicago soul legend
Carl Davis, with Eugene Record of the Chi-Lites.)  
Click here to view the label


JOE FRAZIER – Come & Get Me Love/My Way  (Knockout 711/dj)                                      EX        10

  (Obscure one by the former heavyweight champion, turned soul singer.   This is actually a good
midtempo Northern soul sound.)

Click here to view the label


FREEDOM OF CHOICE – Fat Man/Doctor Tom (Wand 11223/dj/date stamp on label)       M-    6

   (Canadian psych with a touch of funk, on a U.S. promo.   The group included former members
of J.B. & The Playboys and the Munks)

Click here to see it.


FREELOADERS – I Who Have Nothing/Can't Forget About You (A&M 1148/dj/date on label)    M-     6

(Late 60s white soul band)

Click here to see the label.


A. FRIEND – We're Gonna Miss You, Otis/Macon  (Hollywood 1123)                                  VG+         8

   (Good deep soul tribute to both Otis Redding and the Bar-Kays.   "A. Friend" was 
actually Otis' friend Earl Gaines)

Click here to view the label


FUSE ONE – Ode To A Kudu/Silk  (CTI 54/dj)                                                                                VG+      5  

   (Slow jazz funk with some fat bass)


EARL GAINES – Hymn Number 5/If You Want What I Got (Seventy-Seven 77-131)             M-        6

   (Good version of the Mighty Hannibal Vietnam-themed deep soul moaner)


JACK GALE & MEDICINE MEN – The Medicine/The Sloppy Medicine (Columbia 4-41665/dj)    VG    5

   (Funny and clever parody of "Madison Time".  One side has the dance line falling apart, while the other
has everyone getting sick!)


GARDEN CLUB – Little Girl Lost-And-Found/I Must Love Her (A&M 848/bb hole)            M-          8

   (Fans of groups such as the Sagittarius, Millennium, and the Association should dig this song,
which was written by Tandyn Almer, and covered in the UK by Peter & the Wolves.
Dreamy pop-psych that was played on KRLA in Los Angeles in May 1967.)

Click here to see the label.


ERROLL GARNER – More/It Aint Necessarily So (MGM 13677/dj/with PICTURE COVER)          5

(After a soft start, "More" turns into a mod jazz piano jam that is barely recognizable as
the Mondo Cane theme.  A very cool looking picture sleeve, too.    Record is EXCELLENT, Sleeve is VG+.
Date stamp on label & sleeve.)

Click here to view the picture sleeve.


MARVIN GAYE – I Want You stereo/mono  (Tamla 54264/dj/YELLOW WAX)                    M-          8

   (Yellow vinyl promo)

Click here to see it


JESSE GEE – Don't Mess With My Money/Baby, I Need You (Barry! 1019)                             EX         8

  ('60s soul on the same label as David Coleman and Hector Rivera)

Click here to view the label.


GEMINI – Take Her Back/Ann  (Forward 129)                                                                      VG- to VG         5

(Bo Gentry-Joey Levine-Kenny Laguna-Paul Naumann songs.   This actually
bubbled under the Billboard Hot 100 for a couple of weeks.)

Click here to see the label.


GENIES – No News Is Bad News/Sunday Morning People (Ronn 56/dj/wol)                   EX to M-         7

  (Mid-tempo Northern soul girl group sound, arranged by Bobby Patterson)

Click here to see the label.


GIORGIO – Moody Trudy/Stop  (Atco 6731/dj/wol)                                                                      M-          7 

(1966-recorded pop psych track, and a 1969 pre-glam Euro bubblepop sound... all rolled
together into one cool 45.   "Stop" was a big hit on WLOF in Orlando, but few other U.S. stations.)

Click here to view the label


GLORIES – I Stand Accused/Wish They Could Write A Song (Date 1553/dj)
                                M- record, VG+ labels.  Very slight storage warp that does not affect play.                  7     
** SOLD **

(Northern soul girl group with Frankie Gearing of the Steinways on lead vocals)

Click here to view the label


GOD SONS – Merry Up/Version (Pantomine 110/wol)                                                        VG to VG+        6

   (Early 70s reggae duo)

Click here to view the label.


GOOD JELLY BESS – A Little Piece At A Time/Come and Get It (Hermitage 775/writing & sticker on label) 

(Good obscure blues 45 on a Diamond Records distributed label out of New York.  Has a storage warp that
does not affect play.    We'll call it G, but it does play through with no skips or needle holds.)                   5

Click here to view the label


BENNY GORDON & SOUL BROTHERS  – In The Midnight Hour/Greyhound Blues (RCA 9144/dj/date on label)    EX      6

   (Funky 1967 version from the South Carolina soul man)

Click here to view the label.


LESLEY GORE – He Gives Me Love (La La La)/Brand New Me (Mercury 72819/bb)            M-           5

   (Vocal version of the Raymond LeFevre instrumental hit)



   (Original 1960s Brazilian issue with PICTURE SLEEVE)                                                                  VG+           5


GQ – Make My Dreams A Reality/I Do Love You (Arista 0426)                                                    EX             7          ** SOLD**

   (In-demand modern soul spin)


GARLAND GREEN – Nothing Can Take You From Me/Just Loving You (Spring 160)   EX             7

   (One side is midtempo, the other is a deep bluesy ballad)

Click here to see the label.


GREEN BERETS  – Too Young/I've Got To Be Loved (Uni 55273/dj)                                 VG+          6

   (Late 60s soul, produced by Andre Williams)


JUDY GREEN – Come On Out Of The Crowd/I Can't Get Along Without You (Klondike 2232)   M-    8

(Funky Memphis soul, written by Atlanta sou legend Tee Fletcher)

Click here to view the label.


BARBARA GREENE – Young Boy/I Should Have Treated You Right (Renee 5001)       VG+        7

   (Northern soul, beach, and girl group style sounds all in one record.  

Backing on the flip is by The Dells.)          


ROOSEVELT GRIER - People Make The World/Hard To Forget (Amy 11,029)                VG+       5


ROOSEVELT GRIER - Who's Got The Ball (Y'all) (ONE SIDED PROMO 45) (Amy 11,004/dj)  VG+   5

(Grier is joined by his football buddies THE FEARSOME FOURSOME:  Merlin Olsen, Roger Brown,

David Jones, and Lamar Lundy.   Produced by Chips Moman & Tommy Cogbill)


MERV GRIFFIN – Banned In Boston/The World We Live In (Carlton 540)                         VG         5

   (Belgian popcorn sound, written by Clint Ballard Jr.)


GRIMMS –  Backbreaker/The Masked Poet (DJM 1001)                                                           VG+          6

   (70s rocker featuring Neil Innes of Bonzo Dog Band/Rutles fame)


GUESS WHO'S – Hurting Each Other/Baby's Birthday (Scepter 12118/bb/X on label)       VG            8

  (Early GUESS WHO, including a song covered by the Carpenters 7 years later)

Click here to see the label.


GUILLOTEENS – I Love That Girl/Dear Mrs. Applebee (Columbia 44089/bb)                     VG+         8

  (Legendary Memphis '60s band.   Even Elvis dug them.)

Click here to see the label.


GULLIVER – Every Day's A Lovely Day/Angelina (Elektra 45689/dj/stamp on label)           EX           5

(Philly band that included both Daryl Hall and Tim Moore.  Co-produced by John Madara)

Click here to view the label.


THE GUN – Race With The Devil/same  (Epic 10413/dj)                                                               EX         5


EARLE HAGEN – I Spy/Sophia  (Capitol 2108/dj)                                                                    VG-         5

('60s tittyshaker spy theme with a cool mod vibe... and even some Hammond organ for good measure.)

Click here to view the label.


DORA HALL –  Time To Say Goodbye/We'll Sing In The Sunshine (Calamo 1016)              EX         5


BOB HALLEY – Doesn't Anybody Make Short Movies Anymore/The Key To Room 303

                                                                                                                    (Columbia 4-42354/dj)              M-        5


ROY HAMILTON – You'll Never Walk Alone/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down & Cry (Epic 9015/wol) EX       5


HAMILTON STREETCAR –  I See I Am/Silver Wings (Dot 17253/dj)                             M-       10

(Obscure '60s)


HAPPY FATS – Veteran's Plea/Dear Mr. President (Rebel 501)                                                   VG         5


HARDY BOYS – Wheels/Sha-La-La (RCA Victor 47-9795/wol)                                                 EX        5

(Saturday morning cartoon group that actually included members of 60s garage bands 
Michael & The Messengers and the Troys.   From Dunwich Productions. )


HARPS –  Marie/Daddy's Going Away Again (Laurie 3239)                                                          EX         7

(60s vocal group with falsetto on one side, and an answer to "Daddy's Home" on the other)


BRENDA JO HARRIS –  She'll Snatch Him/Other Side of Love is Hate (Better 101)        EX         7

(Good deep soul on a small label)

Click here to see the label.


ALEXANDER HARVEY  – Mama Didn't Raise No Fool stereo/mono (Buddah 588/dj)    EX         7

(Modern soul crossover from 1977)


DONNY HATHAWAY – Magnificent Sanctuary Band MONO/same (Atco 6817/dj)         VG+       5

   (A cool drum break sets the stage for this funky Southern soul jam)


RONNIE HAWKINS & THE HAWKS  – Ruby Baby/Hay Ride (Roulette 4249)        VG+        5

Click here to view the label.


RONNIE HAWKINS – Down In The Alley LONG/SHORT (Cotillion 44060/dj)                  EX          5 

   (Includes the dj-only edit of this 1969 comeback attempt.  Produced by Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd,

down in Muscle Shoals, Alabama)

Click here to view the label


LEON HAYWOOD – Mellow Moonlight/Tennessee Waltz (Decca 32230)                             M-        5

Click here to see the label.


ROY HEAD – Wait Till I Arrive/Bit By Bit  (TMI 9010/dj)                                                           M-         5

   (Deep soul produced and co-written by Steve Cropper)

DONALD HEIGHT – You Better Sit Down Kids/same  (Jubilee 5641/dj/date on label)    EX to M-    5 
    (1968 soul version of the Cher hit, as heard on WLOF Radio in Orlando) 
Click here to view the label.


JIMI HENDRIX – Angel/Freedom  (Reprise 1000)                                                                    VG+        5

Click here to view the label.


DON HIGH & MIGHTY – Black Cojack/Love it Comes In All Colors (P.I.P. 6529)             M-       6

   ('70s Blaxpolitation sound)


WILLIE HIGHTOWER –  It's Too Late/If I Had A Hammer (Capitol 2651)                          VG        5

(Soul 45 produced by Bobby Robinson)

Click here to see the label.


Z.Z. HILL – This Time They Told The Truth STEREO/MONO (Columbia 10680/dj)                  EX        6

(Excellent deep soul ballad, as featured on the Sony/Legacy "Lost Soul" LP)


JOE HINTON – I Know/Ladder of Prayer (Back Beat 519)                                                          VG+       5 

(Doo-wop and gospel influenced tune from the pen of Texas legend Major Bill Smith.

The other side also has religious overtones, and sounds a lot like the Platters.)

Click here to view the label


RON HOLDEN – I Need Ya/Can You Talk  (Now 6)                                                              EX to M-    8

   (Surprisingly deep funk... as heard on one of the Funkaphonix compilations)

Click here to view the label.


BABY JANE HOLZER – Rapunzel/Nowhere  (Atco 6482/dj/date stamp on label)                 M-       8 

(The Andy Warhol superstar, with some dance floor grooviness... with a little help from
arranger and co-writer Barry Goldberg.)

Click here to view the label


HONDELLS – Follow The Bouncing Ball/Legend of Frankie & Johnny (Amos 131/bb)           M-      6       


JOHN LEE HOOKER –  Mr. Lucky/Cry Before I Go (BluesWay 61014/nail polish on label)  EX to M-   6

Click here to see the label.


CAROL HUGHES – Lend Me Your Comb/First Date (Roulette 4041/wol)                               VG+      5

   (Female version of the Carl Perkins tune, with a guitar break)


JIMMY HUGHES – Let 'Em Down Baby/Sweet Things You Do (Volt 4008/bb)                      EX        5

   (Southern soul with those great Stax players)


PEE WEE HUNT  – Rockin' Horse Rock/Blue and Broken Hearted (Capitol 3475)        VG to VG+      5

  (1956 purple label Capitol from the country side of rock 'n roll)


HUNT'S DETERMINATION  – She's On My Mind/Rollerskate (Earwax 200)                     M-      6

  (Small Detroit label.   One side is sweet soul, the other veers into disco territory)

Click here to view the label!


INITIALS  – Dancing On The Sand/17 Guys on a Blanket on the Beach (Congress 219/dj/wol)  M-    7

(Teen rock 'n roll sounds from the Brill Building days.  "Seventeen Guys" was written by Kenny Young

and Artie Resnick, back when they worked for Bobby Darin's TM Music.)

Click here to view the label


INTRIGUES – In A Moment/Scotchman Rock (YEW 1001/date stamp on label)                       M-       5

(1969 soul hit with appeal for both beach music and Northern soul fans)


JIMMY ISLE – Our Town/Everybody Gotta Little Girl But Me (Mala 459/dj)                          VG         5 

(Early '60s teen sound with vocal group backing, including a girl group on the ballad side.)

Click here to view the label


ISLEY BROTHERS – This Old Heart Of Mine/There's No Love Left (Tamla 54128)            VG+       5 

   (Mid-60s Motown Northern soul classic)


ISLEY BROTHERS – It's Your Thing/Don't Give It Away (T Neck 901/bb/stickers on label)  M-    5 

   (Essential 1969 funk hit)


JACK AND JILL – Laurie's Love/Very Few Heartaches  (Smash 1824/bb)                              VG+      5 

   (Innocent early '60s teen sound, with girl group style backing)

Click here to see the label.


CHUCK JACKSON – Need You There/Every Man Needs A Down Home Girl (Wand 1151/bb)     M-     6 

   ('60s Northern soul dancer, with a ballad on the other side)

Click here to see the label.


GEORGE JACKSON – Fast Young Lady/Funky Disco Music (Muscle Shoals Sound 9801)  EX   7 

   (Obscure release, recorded in Sheffield, Alabama, and distributed through TK Records in Hialeah, Florida)

Click here to see the label.


JACKSON SISTERS  – More Than Just Friends mono/stereo (Prophesy 3004/dj/date on label)  M-    8

(1973 single by the girls that brought you "I Believe In Miracles")


THE JADES – Flower Power/The Glide  (Uni 55019)                                                                         VG-      5 

   (Northern soul group, with two dance floor songs from the summer of 1967.
"The Glide" is a dance that really didn't take off.)

Click here to see the label.


JAGGED EDGE – Deep Inside/Baby You Don't Know (RCA 47-8880/dj/date & writing on label)   VG+    7

   (1966 soul by a group formerly known as the Three Dimensions.   Dig the falsetto vocals and the choppy
rhythm guitar.)

Click here to view the label.


ETTA JAMES  – Dream/Fool That I Am (Argo 5390)                                                              EX to M-    5


JESSE JAMES – Believe In Me Baby - Part 1/Part 2 (20th Century Fox 6684)                           VG        6

   (1967 crossover sound from the Arkansas-born, California-raised artist.  This has a party
atmosphere, and lyrics that go as far as referencing the war in Viet Nam.)

Click here to view the label.


TINA JAMES – Sittin' On A City Centre Bench/He Takes (Rainbow 29/FRANCE)                    M-      5

Click here to see the label


JAN & DEAN –  Cindy/White Tennis Sneakers (Dore 548/sticker on label)                               VG        6

 (Early and obscure release, with their trademark "bomp-pa-pa" sound)

Click here to see the label.


JASPER WRATH – You/General Gunther  (Future F.M. Mussic 101)                                  EX to M-   6 

(Progressive rock/AOR tracks, from a band from Connecticut)

Click here to see the label.


JIMMY JAY & MILESTONES – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/For Better or For Worse (Philips 40087/bb)   EX    5 

(Nashville early '60s teen with a country flavor )

Click here to see the label.


LONNIE JAY & THE JAYNES – Somewhere (There Is A Girl)/Around & Around We Go (Arlen 724)   VG to VG+    5

(Early '60s teen sound out of Philly)

Click here to view the label.


JAY & THE TECHNIQUES – Singles Game STEREO/MONO  (Smash DJS-18/dj/sticker removed)   M-     5

   (1968 soul promo in great shape)


JAYS – Turn To Me/Stanwyck Theme  (Barry 103/dj)                                                                   EX to M-    10 

(Obscure mid-'60s soul vocal group, on an original white-label demo)

Click here to see the label.


JAZZ CRUSADERS – Ooga-Boo-Ga-Loo/Eleanor Rigby (Pacific Jazz 88144/dj/radio station wol & sol on 1 side)  VG+   6 

   (60s mod jazz sounds)


DICK JENSEN – Jealous Feeling/I'm Good For You  (Probe 468/co)                                           M-     10

  (Northern soul in kind of a Court Davis/Gary Sole bag)

Click here to see the label.


JERRYO – Karate-Boo-Ga-Loo/The Pearl  (Shout 217)                                                            EX to M-     7

   (Boogaloo soul to burn up your dance floor)

Click here to see the label.


JIGS – De Ex-Sheriff/Dixie-Country Style (Conservative 141)                                                           EX      5    

  (An artifact of the racially-charged South of nearly 50 years ago.)

Click here to see the label.


JO ANN & TROY – Who Do You Love/I Found A Love Oh What A Love (Atlantic 2256)   EX to M-   8 

(Swingin' mod version of the Bo Diddley classic, with a deep soul flip.)

Click here to view the label.


ELTON JOHN – Love Song long version 5:32/short version 4:40 (MCA 1938/dj)                      M-     5


JOHN & ERNEST – Problems/Superfly Meets Shaft (Rainy Wednesday 201)                         M-      5

   (Funky instrumental jam, tucked away on the B-side of a soulful 70s break-in novelty)


BENNY JOHNSON – Stop Me/Visions Of Paradise (Today 1525)                                             M-      5

  (1973 soul)


HOWARD JOHNSON – That Magic Touch Can Send You Flying/Slide (Shout 237/bb)      8

   (Cool funk instrumental, featuring some swampy guitar and Hammond organ.  "That Magic Touch"
(the funky side) is EXCELLENT, while "Slide" is VG+)

Click here to view the label.


                                                                                         Kickin The Habit/Down The Line (Turf 500)    M-    15

(Deep funk with Hammond organ, drum breaks (about 1:40 in), and very funky brass and guitar.)

Click here to view the label


MARV JOHNSON – How Can We Tell Him/I've Got A Notion (United Artists 322)              EX       6

   (Early Berry Gordy composition, published by JOBETE)


JAY JOHNSTON – Walk A Dog/Livin' Doll  (Freedom 44018/dj/wol)                           VG- to VG        5

   (Rockin' guitar and teenage enthusiasm)

Click here to view the label.


JOHNNY JONES – I Find No Fault/Tennessee Waltz (Fury 5050/label stain)                        VG+       5

(Northern soul and deep soul, on Bobby Robinson's legendary record label)

Click here to view the label


SAMMY JONES – Sweeping Your Dirt Under My Rug/Red Hog (Mercury 73325)        EX to M-     5

(Southern soul with a touch of funk)


TAMIKO JONES – Pearl/Don't Go Breaking My Heart (December 881)                                  EX       10

(Northern soul that's appeared on compilations.  Tamiko was raised in Detroit, which is
where the Pearl dance originated, before spreading to Philly and New York City  The flip
is the Burt Bacharach & Hal David song.)

Click here to see the label.


JONES BOYS – The Champ/Half Pound O' Ground Round (Lemco 875)                             EX to M-   10


JOURNEY – Kohoutek/Topaz (Columbia AS 128/dj only 33 1/3 single)                                      VG+      6

   (Obscure promo-only from 1974, when Journey was still considered a progressive band)

Click here to view the label!)


JOURNEYMEN – Soft Blow The Summer Winds/Kumbaya (Capitol 4678)                             VG+     5

   (Pre- Mamas & Papas group, featuring John Phillips (who wrote the A-side) and Scott MacKenzie)


JOY BOYS – Night Coach To Rio/Southern 'Rora (Festival 227/wol/AUSTRALIA)       VG- to VG      5

  (Two cool instrumentals, from the rock 'n roll legends from Down Under)

Click here to view the label.


JUST US – I Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree/I Can Save You (Colpix 803)                        EX       5


K.C. & SUNSHINE BAND – Sound Your Funky Horn/Why Don't We Get Together (TK 1003)  VG+   5

   (Early release, two years before the hits began)


KANE AND ABEL – Break Down and Cry/Twist Is Back (Destination 607)                 EX to M-     10

   (A real clone of the Phil Spector Righteous Bros. production sound.   Kane and Abel were
future members of the Mob, the group best known for writing hit songs for the Buckinghams
and others.)

Click here to view the label.


SAM KAPU – Huggin' In The Hall/Chotto Matte Kudasai (Hana Ho 7101)                               VG-       5

   (Obscure cover of an old Tradewinds album cut, written by Peter Anders & Tony Bruno (who produced this)

Click here to view the label!)


STEVE KARMEN – How Soon/Didja Mean Whatcha Said (Mercury 71208)                         VG       5

   (1957 rock 'n roll record by the future advertising/jingle star)


STEVE KARMEN – Mama Look-A Boo Boo/Freight Train (Eldorado 510)                             EX       5


MARY KAYE – Secret Thoughts/Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Lectron 13901/02)    EX        5 

(Innocent teen pop from 1963, with uncredited male accompaniment.  According to the label,
these songs are in the "popular teen style"!   The label is from Detroit, and this was pressed
by Rite in Cincinnati.)

Click here to see the label.


TONY KAYE & HEARTBEATS - Hey Hey Little Orphan Annie/Dream World (GMC 10004/dj)   M-    5

   (Obscure '60s, with a teenish B-side)

Click here to see the label


KEITH – Tell Me To My Face/Pretty Little Shy One (Mercury 72652)                                           EX       5

  (Hollies cover, done very well)


THEOLA KILGORE – He's Coming Back To Me/I'll Keep Trying (KT 501)                  EX to M-     7 

  (Deep soul from an underrated singer)

Click here to view the label


KINGSMEN – The Wolf of Manhattan/Children's Caretaker (Wand 1154/dj/date on label)     M-      8       

   (Obscure 1967 release featuring a song written by the Third Rail, plus a toytown-style flip)

Click here to see the label.


KISS – Rock and Roll All Night (studio)/(live version) (Casablanca 850)                                      VG+      5 

   (1975 release by the soon-to-be superstar band.   It's Kiss Alive, and Kiss A-studio!)


KISS – Shout It Out Loud/Sweet Pain (Casablanca 854)                                                                     M-      5 

   (Important 1976 release for the band, which led to the huge success of "Destroyer" and albums
to follow)


KIT KATS – Hey Saturday Noon/That's The Way (Jamie 1362/xol)                                     EX to M-      8

  (Obscure one from the Pennsylvania garage & harmony band)


KIT KATS –  Taking My Time/That You Love (Paramount 0110)                                                 EX       18

(Little-known release by them.   "That You Love" is an early gay rights tune.)

Click here to see the label.


KNICKERBOCKERS – Just One Girl/Chapel In The Fields (Apex 77006/bb/CANADA)    M-      7

  (Original 1966 Canadian issue on the dark burgundy Apex label.   This rocks!)


LACE  – I'm A Gambler/Go Away  (Page One 135/UK)                                                            EX to M-       6

(This is Pete Dello of Honeybus fame, with an obscure 1969 project.    
Original UK press with the centre intact.)

Click here to view the label.


MAJOR LANCE – Stay Away From Me/Gypsy Woman  (Curtom 1953)                                  M-        6 

   (Classy Northern soul crossover sound.    Written, produced, and arranged by Curtis Mayfield.)


PETE LANE AND BERNICE STABILE – John's Reply/One-Two-Three-Skid-Doo (Imperial 8206/sol)  VG   5

   (This 60-year-old single is an answer record to the famous "Dear John Letter", including a spoken recitation 

by John's ex.    Click here to see the label. 


SHARON LA PRADE – (Even Though) You Made Me Cry/Johnny You Can't Kiss Me

 (Texas 60s girl pop, co-produced by Major Bill Smith)                                (Philips 40132/dj)        VG+        5

 Click here to see the label. 


KEN LAZARUS – Girl (Tell Me What You Want To Do)/Come & Get It (Firm 152/Jamaica) VG+      6             

  (Early reggae on one side, and a Paul McCartney-Badfinger tune on the other.   Slight label tear)


CALVIN LEAVY – Cummins Prison Farm/Brought You To The City (Blue Fox 100)              VG+      6

  (Southern soul and funk meet the blues... on a very prophetic record.   It's prophetic because Leavy
was later convicted as a drug kingpin... and was sent -- where else? -- to Cummins Prison, where he died.)

Click here to view the label


'LECTRIC WOODS – A.L.L. (Apollo Lunar Landing)/Time Of The Season  (APT 26005/bb) 

  (1969 instrumental in an uptempo "Hawaii 5-0" kind of mode.   Interesting and obscure.)         VG+        8 

 Click here to see the label.                                                                                               


BARRY LEE SHOW – I Don't Want To Love You/Over And Over (Independence 84)  EX to M-   6    

  (Good late 60s Brit pop version of an Everly Brothers B-side.   "I Don't Want To Love You" was

played on radio stations such as WLS in Chicago and WMCA in New York, yet somehow it failed

to become a national hit.)  

Click here to see the label. 


BRENDA LEE – Where Love Is/My Heart Keeps Hangin' On (Decca 32161/CANADA)       M-      5

 (Brenda sings a song written by Jackie DeShannon & Sharon Sheeley.   On the cool-looking old-style

black Canadian Decca label.) 

Click here to see the label. 


BRENDA LEE – Time and Time Again/So Little Time (Decca 31917)                                     VG+         6

 (A popular Northern soul spin since the early 2000s) 


LEAPY LEE –  Little Yellow Aeroplane/Boom Boom (That's How My Heart Beats) (Decca 732492/dj)   M-   5

   (Obscure 1969 UK pop in stereo)


LONDON LEE – Who Is London Lee/Mutiny (United Artists 877/dj/sol)                              VG+       5

  (Novelty tracks by mid-60s comedian turned vocalist, a la Soupy Sales )

Click here to see the label. 


RANDY LEE – Baby, Where Are You/Did You Ever See A Dream Walking (Everest 19398/sol)  EX to M-   6

   (Teen popcorn sound.  This is the "mistake" label, since the title should read "Baby Where You Are")

Click here to see the label. 


RANDY LEE – Igmoo/It Could Have Been Me  (Philips 40063/bb)                                               M-       8 

   (60s teen sound about a high school football player who the chicks really dig, 
despite his resemblance to an orangutan!)

Click here to see the label.


WES LEE BAND – Stage Door Queen/Soap Sally  (Old Man 2022)                                            M-       5 

   (Georgia private press 45 that mixes elements of Southern Rock and glam.   Bill Gilmore produced
one side;  Tommy Roe wrote and produced the other.)

Click here to see the label.


LEFT BANKE – Bryant Hotel/Give The Man A Hand  (Smash 2209/dj)                                    VG+     8

  (Non-hit 45 by the New York band, off their "Left Banke Too" LP)

Click here to see the label.


LEGENDARY STARDUST COWBOY – Paralyzed/Who's Knocking At My Door 
                                                                (Mercury 72862/bb/slight storage warp, not affecting play)   M-    8

  (The guy who put the "psycho" in psychobilly.   Crude Texas insanity guaranteed to wake the neighbors.)

Click here to see the label.


LEGIONNAIRES – Horse/Monsoon Mud (Kama Sutra 243SS/dj/wol.  Slight storage warp, not affecting play.   EX  8
    ( Not the Cliff Nobles song, but an even funkier track.  A drum break opens "Horse", and soon the piano, horns, 
and Hammond organ come in.    "Monsoon is another Hammond workout, with storm sound effects.)                   

  Click here to see the label.


LES COMPAGNONS DE LA CHANSON – The Yellow Submarine (Le Sous-Marin Vert)/

                                                                        Le Prisonnier (CBS serie Gemini 2385/FRANCE)           VG+       5

   (French Beatles cover)


BARBARA LEWIS – Fool, Fool, Fool/Only All The Time (Atlantic 2413/stamped dj/Date & X on label)   EX    5

  (60s soul with a bit of a beach feel)

Click here to see the label.


LITTLE BILLY & ESSENTIALS – The Dance Is Over/Steady Girl (Landa 691/dj)          G+        5

  (Philly teen doo wop, written by some heavyweights (Luther Dixon, Madara & White).  Jerry Blavat,
the Geator with the Heator, used to play this a lot, as did WIBG)

Click here to see the label.


LITTLE ESTHER – The Chains/Feel Like I Wanna Cry (Warwick 559)                                  VG+       7

(Early R&B by the future hitmaker, from way back in 1960)


LITTLE SISTER – Somebody's Watching You (Stone Flower 9001/demo)                            VG+        5

   (One-sided demo with a silent groove on the flip.  This is funky soul, written and produced by 

Sly Stone, and firmly in a "Family Affair" type groove, even though this preceded that hit)


JACKIE LOMAX – Sour Milk Sea/(I) Fall Inside Your Eyes (Apple 1834)                               M-         7

   (Early Apple 45, written and produced by George Harrison of the Beatles.   

I think this was the first solo 45 by the former leader of the Undertakers.  Still in its original Apple sleeve.)


SHORTY LONG – Chantilly Lace/Your Love Is Amazing (Soul 35031/bb)                              M-         6

   (You won't believe how soulful "Chantilly Lace" can sound.  Shorty nails it, with plenty of Motown style)
Click here to see the label.


LONNIE B. & VIKI G. –  High On The Mountain/We're Gonna Stay In Love (Revue 11039/bb)  EX to M-    8

("High on a Mountain" has a Northern soul beat, but something strange happens about :35 in, with
sort of a proto-rap... before there even was such a thing as rap music.   The flip is a sweet soul duo sound,
influenced by the Van McCoy productions of the day.)

Click here to see the label.


LOOKING GLASS – Get It Down/Waterfall (Polydor 540.012/CANADA)                   EX to M-         6
  (Obscure 1968 Canadian rock from Ontario, featuring one heavy, funky rock side... and a dreamier,
more progressive rock side.  The Looking Glass came out of bands such as the British Modbeats
and the Druids.) 

Click here to see the label. 


TRINI LOPEZ – It Seems/Don't Go (King 5820/heavy wol)                                                       VG           7

   (Early release from Trini's rocking period, with a guitar break)


DICK LORY – The Pain Is Here/You (Liberty 55306)                                                                  VG+          5

   (Early '60s teen sound from Dick Glasser, aka Dick Glass... under one of his pseudonyms.  
1961 Snuff Garrett productions.)


LOS CHATOS – Whiskey-Au-Go-Go/Las Coplas (Union Rogue 4918)                                   VG(+)        8

   (60s Colombian group.   Coule this be a tribute to the famous nightclub?)

Click here to see the label. 


LOS DIABLOS – Un Rayo De Sol/Una Manana  (Crazy Horse SPRO-5098/date on label)      EX           5

(Good bubblegum from Spain, on a U.S. pressing)

Click here to view the label


LOS ZAFIROS – Canta Lo Sentimental/Hermosa Habana (RGG 102)                                       VG            6

   (60s U.S. pressing by Cuba's answer to the Platters)

Click here to see the label. 


DARLENE LOVE – Lord, If You're A Woman STEREO/MONO (Warner-Spector 0410/dj)   M-       10

   (Phil Spector and Northern soul meet head-on in this great '70s track by the long-time Blossoms
front-woman... and star of the award-winning documentary "20 Feet From Stardom")

Click here to view the label


KATIE LOVE & FOUR SHADES OF BLACK – It Hurts So Good/Don't Let It Go 
                                                                                                             To Your Head (Scepter 12304)    VG+         7

(Katie teams with the crew from Muscle Shoals on these early '70s productions.  "It Hurts So Good"
is a nice deep soul ballad, while the flip borrows more than a little from "The Love You Save".)

Click here to see the label.


LUKE THE DRIFTER JR. – I Was With Red Foley/On Trial (MGM 14002/dj)                VG            5

   (Obscure tribute record from young Bocephus Jr.)


RUFUS LUMLEY – Annabella/They Don't Give Medals (To Yesterday's Heroes) (RCA 9398/dj/wol)   VG+   5 

   (Obscure one by the "I'm Standing"/"Stronger Than Me" guy)


HENRY LUMPKIN – Honey Hush/Your Sweet Lovin' (Buddah 55/bb)                                EX          8

   (Excellent 1968 Big City soul update of Joe Turner classic)


DONNA LYNN – Java Jones (Java)/The Things That I Feel (Capitol 5156)                            VG+        6

   (Vocal version of the Al Hirt hit, about the cutest little boy in Donna's school.   Donna
tells us why boys are luckier than girls on the doo wop-influenced B-side)

Click here to view the label.


JUDY LYNN – Count Up To Ten Little Heart/A Year and A Day (Kip 227)                             VG+        6 

(Early '60s teen sound, influenced by the two Connies -- Connie Stevens on one side, and
Connie Francis on the other.)

Click here to see the label.


WILLIE MABON – I Don't Know/I Got To Have Her  (MAD 1300/dj)                                    VG          6 

(Chicago blues, on an original white label promo.)

Click here to see the label.


MADRIGAL  – Time Of The Season/Tapestry  (Sovereign 107/UK)                                            M-      10

(UK progressive rock from 1972, produced by Derek Lawrence... on an original British dj demo.
Two of these guys later went on to form the band Merlin.)

Click here to view the label.


MAGDISON & WRUBEL – The Masquerade Is Over/
                           MILLIE McLAINE
– Found A Lover  (Soulville 1011/dj)         Strong VG+     20

  (Obscure one on the semi-legendary Pennsylvania soul label.   The label shows two different artists, though

'the female vocalist sounds the same to my ears.)

Click here to see the label


MAGNIFICENT FOUR – Uncle Sam/The Closer You Are  (Whale 506/wol)                      VG          6

   (Group harmony goodie, about a guy going off to war... influenced, in part,  
by "A Thousand Miles Away".  Check out their Belmonts-influenced take on the Channels 
hit on the flip.

Click here to view the label.


MAJORETTES – White Levis/Please Come Back (Troy 1000)                                                EX          6

   (Girl group with Ricki Page and her daughters, singing about a guy who dresses so cool)

Click here to view the label.


CARL MALCOLM – Fattie Bum-Bum/Bum-Bum Situation (Impact!, JAMAICA)            VG+         5

   (1975 Jamaican press of this reggae classic, recorded and mastered at Randy's Recording
Studio in Kingston.)

Click here to view the label.


MELISSA MANCHESTER – A Song For You/Beautiful People  (MB 1005)                    EX         6

   (Very early release, before all the hit records)

Click here to view the label.


BARRY MANILOW – Sweet Water Jones stereo/mono (Bell 45,357/dj/wol/sol)                 M-         6 

   (Early promo, before his big breakthrough)

Click here to view the label


BARRY MANN – Hey Baby I'm Dancin'/Like I Don't Love You (ABC-Paramount 10356/dj)   VG      5 

   (Early teen sound from the legendary Brill Building writer)

Click here to view the label


BARRY MANN – Carry Me Home/Carry Me Home (New Design 1000/dj)                               M-        5


JOHNNY MANN SINGERS – Cinnamint Shuffle/Rovin' Gambler (Liberty 55871/dj)       EX         5

   (Better known as "The Teaberry Shuffle", from the famous 1966 TV commercial)

Click here to view the label.


RAY MANZAREK – Downbound Train/Choose Up and Choose Off (Mercury 73601/dj)   EX        7

   (Rare edited dj versions of tracks by the Doors keyboard legend)

Click here to view the label.


MARDI GRAS – Too Busy Thinkin' Bout My Baby/Letter of Recommendation (Map City 312/dj/wol)   M-    5

Click here to view the label.


DONNA MARIE – Sunshine Mind/He Gives Me Love (La La La) (Columbia 44549)              M-       8

   (Excellent pop psych sunshine sound, still in its original Columbia label sleeve)

Click here to view the label.


LITA MARINO – Sittin' On A Train/Big Daddy (Warner Bros. 5302/dj/X on label)         EX to M-    5

   (Early '60s girl rocker with some good guitar work in the background)

Click here to view the label


MARK IV – You're Just Like A Dream/Why Do You Want To Hurt Me? (Mercury 73427)    VG+ to EX      6 

(Early '70s Northern soul crossover sound that would have made the Spinners proud.)

Click here to see the label.


MARK SEVEN – Working On Love/Wasting My Life (Piece 1010)                                          EX           8

(One of those tough-to-categorize '60s records.  "Working On Love" mixes frat band and early
garage elements with the more traditional vocal group approach, while "Wasting My Life" might
best be described as teen doo wop.)

Click here to view the label.


RAMON MARQUEZ – Mambo U.S.A./Mambo India  (Fiesta 45-044/sol)                            EX         6 

("Mambo USA" sounds like it could have been the theme from a Latino spy movie!)

Click here to see the label.


MARSHALL & WES – One Grain Of Sand/Time (Is Endless) (Milestone 2004/dj/"X" on label)   VG+   6

(Early '60s popcorn obscurity)

Click here to view the label


BOBBI MARTIN – For The Love Of Him/I Think Of You (UA 50602)                                     EX         6

   (Northern soul with great orchestration, in a Kelly Garrett mold)


MARVELETTES – You're The One/Paper Boy (Tamla 54131/bb)                                             M-         5


GENE MASON – Beechwood Park/With Pen In Hand  (Sierra 2/date stamp on label/storage warp not affecting play)   VG+   6

   (Little-known 1969 cover of a Zombies "Odessey and Oracle" tune)

Click here to see the label


MASQUERADERS – I Ain't Got To Love Nobody Else/I Got It (Bell 733)                              M-        9

  (Classic deep soul ballad, backed by an old Northern spin.)

Click here to view the label.


ELLIE MATT & G.I.'S BRASS – Keep It Coming Love vocal/inst (Kenellie 1002)         VG       10

   (Obscure Puerto Rican disco)

Click here to view the label.


MATT AND ROBERT – These Arms Of Mine/Soul Of A Man (Uni 55151/bb)                    M-        8

   (60s Texas deep soul, co-produced by Major Bill Smith.   Robert is Bobby Thomas, who recorded

for labels such as Boblo and Lyndell.)


MAUDS – Forever Gone/Soul Drippin (Mercury 72832/dj)                                                              M-        7 

   (Northern soul stormer with the Chicago Transit Authority horns) 


CURTIS MAYFIELD – We Got To Have Peace STEREO/MONO (Curtom 1968/dj with dj-only TITLE SLEEVE)   8

  (January 1972 corker with a promo-only pic sleeve that was only included in the "Buddah Hit Pack")

Click here to view the sleeve)


CASH McCALL – You Mean Everything To Me/That Lucky Old Sun  (Thomas 311/sticker on label)   EX   6

(Deep soul with lots of emotion, backed with a beach music style rendition of a standard, out of Chicago)

Click here to see the label.


CHARLIE McCLENDON & MAGNIFICENTS – We're Gonna Hate Ourselves In The Morning/same

(Good version of the beach music classic)                                       (Colossus 101/dj)                       M-        6

Click here to see the label.


VAN McCOY–  Where There's A Heartache/To Make My Father Proud (CGC 115)                M-        5

Click here to see the label.


JAMES LEE MEADOWS/BIYOOMBA BROS. – Uranus Is Out Tonight/Bourbon Street (Planet 583)/sticker residue)   VG    5

  (Private press Southern Rock style obscurity from more than 40 years ago.  Beavis & Butt-head would have loved
the recurring double entendre here.   "They can get their rocks off from the moon, but I'll take Uranus any time!"

Click here to see the label


MELTING POT – Kool and the Gang/As I Lay Dying (Ampex 11029)                                      M-        5

  (Faster and grittier than Kool's original jam.   Produced by Johnny Sandlin, and featuring
some of Georgia's funkiest cats.)

Click here to see the label.


MERCY –  Heard You Went Away/Hello Baby (Warner Bros. 7331/bb)                             EX to M-       5

   (60s soft rock version of the Proctor Amusement Company tune)


LEE MERRIL & GOLDEN HORNS– Ballad of the Green Hornet/Off The Wall (Boom 60,013)  EX to M-      8

   (The Bruce Lee TV show, and "Flight of the Bumble Bee" theme made for a perfect pairing back
in 1966.   Flip it over for a storming Wigan Casino Northern soul instrumental.)

Click here to view the label


METERS – Chicken Strut/same (Josie 1018/dj)                                                                                  M-       5


METERS – Cissy Strut/Here Comes The Meter Man (Josie 1005)                                                  M-       5


METERS –  Doodle-Oop/I Need More Time (Josie 1029)                                                                M-       5  

   (More funk from the Nevilles from New Orleans)

Click here to see the label.


TONY MIDDLETON – I Need You Tonight/Send Me Away  (Philips 40151/dj)       EX to M-       6

Click here to see the label.


MIDNIGHT MOVERS UNLTD. – Put Your Mind In The Pocket/Truck'In (Renee 3005)  VG+    6 

(1972 funk 45)

Click here to view the label.


MIGHTY ETHNICS with Dominick –  Any Ridd M/Any Version (World Wide Peace/JAMAICA)  M-   8

Click here to see the label.



Only A Fool/Make The World Go Away (Trojan 5N 006-60191/HOLLAND/with PIC SLEEVE)  VG+/VG+  5

Click here to see the picture sleeve.


GUY MITCHELL  – If You Ever Go Away/Go Tiger Go (Joy 270/dj)                                  VG to VG+   5

   (Jack Nitzsche arranged and conducted "If You Ever Go Away".   The other side is about a high school
football player who won't be scoring any more touchdowns.)

Click here to view the label


RONNIE MITCHELL – Still Waters/Anniversary Song (Atlantic 2061/wol/sol)                 VG+       5


MOD LADS – Fun Time Part II /Let's Have Some Fun Part 1 (Savern 100)                                    M-      15 

   (Cool funk track in great condition)

Click here to view the label


MODS – Work Song/Autumn Leaves  (Columbia 43743/dj/date stamp on label)               EX to M-         5

Click here to view the label


MONTANAS – You've Got To Be Loved/Difference Of Opinion  (Independence 83)               M-         5


RUDY RAY MOORE – This Pussy Belongs To Me/Tracks from the 2nd Rudy Ray Moore Album

 Click here to see the label.                                                                        (Kent 002/dj)                         VG+        5


MORNINGSIDE DRIVE – The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine/Morningside's Theme (Copperfield 200)   M-   5

   (New York group performing Bob Crewe/Bob Gaudio tunes)

Click here to see the label.


BOB MORRISON – I Fall To You/Then Suddenly  (Columbia 43565/dj)                              VG+        5

   (Good mid-60s folk rock by a guy from Biloxi, Mississippi.   "I Fall To You" is a 
Bob Lind song, and Morrison manages to sound just like him.)


DALE MORSE – Meditation/Meditation Theme  (Dore 804/dj)                                                VG-        5

  (Innocent teen recitation with dramatic musical backing, whistling sound and all)

Click here to view the label.


MUD – L'L'Lucy/My Love Is Your Love (Private Stock 41/UK)                                                       M-        5

   (Cool 1975 UK glam with strong 60s influence)

Click here to see the label.


JUGGY MURRAY – Built For Speed Part 1/Built For Speed Pt. 1 & 2 (Pony 1)                      VG+     8

   (A whistle blowing, a drum break, a partying crowd, and brass with a 70s cop show vibe-- all in the first

few seconds.   And this goes on for more than five minutes!.)

Click here to see the label.


MUSIC FAIR – I'll Be Back Up On My Feet Again/Councilman Jones (Epic 10569/dj)  VG to VG+      6

(Interesting version of Monkees LP track, backed with a pop psych (with phasing) song about a 
politician gone bad.)


NAILS – "THE NAILS" EP (Screwball 001) with PICTURE SLEEVE          Record is M-, Pic Slv VG      10

   (Early single by this Boulder, Colorado band, before the major labels came calling.    Includes

 Cops Are Punks, Big Star, and Another Lesson)

Click here to see the picture cover


NAPOLEON XIV – They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa/backwards version (WB 5831/UK)   VG+    5

  (Original 1966 UK pressing of this novelty classic, with the centre still intact)

Click here to see the label


JOHNNY NASH – Please Don't Go/I Lost My Love Last Night (ABC-Paramount 9927)        VG+      5

Click here to view the label.


NASHVILLE TEENS – I Know How It Feels To Be Loved/Soon Forgotten (MGM 13406/dj)    VG+   7

  (Lesser-known 1965 single by these English cats, best-known for their hit "Tobacco Road".
Original yellow-label American promo.)

Click here to see the label.


NAVIGATORS – Space Coup/The Westerner  (Monument 45-934/dj)                                   VG+       8

   ("Telstar"-influenced instrumental, with a Joe Meek sort of sound)

Click here to see the label.


NEON PHILHARMONIC – Annie Poor/Love Will Find A Way (TRX 5039/dj)           EX to M-    5

(Their final release with Don Gant on lead vocals)

Click here to view the label


ART NEVILLE – Bo Diddley - Part 1/Part 2  (Sansu 481/dj)                                                      VG+       8

  (Funky '60s New Orleans update of this timeless tune, co-produced by Allen Toussaint)

Click here to view the label.


ART NEVILLE – Lover Of Love Part 1/Part 2  (Cinderella 1201)                                                 M-       8

  (Obscure one from the Meters co-founder and New Orleans soul/funk legend)

Click here to view the label.


NILSSON – Without Her/Freckles  (RCA Victor CANADA 9206)                                                 M-       5

(Original 1967 Canadian pressing of this pre-success release by Harry Nilsson.  Herb
Alpert would try his luck with this a year later.)

Click here to view the label.


NIGHT MOVE (aka FLYIN HIGH) – Summer Days & Summer Nights/
                                                                     (Going To) Myrtle Beach  (Non-Stop 12784/wol)              M-       7

(Carolina beach music, engineered by Harry Deal, on a tiny private press label out of Taylorsville,
North Carolina.  "Summer Nights" name-checks some local landmarks, while "Myrtle Beach"
does the same for some Beach music legends.  The group's name was originally "Flyin High",
but it was crossed out and replaced by "Night Move".

Click here to view the label.


NINTH ROW – Let's Go Shaggin'/Beach Time (Rap 1022)                                                             M-      7

  (Carolina beach music from more than 30 years ago.)

Click here to view the label.


SARAH NIX – My Big Marine/It's A Wonderful Life  (Belmont H 102)                                     VG         5

  (Sarah is not navy blue.  She's waiting patiently for her Marine Corps boyfriend to get home
from the war.  Produced by Charles Grean, several years before he hit with "Quentin's Theme"
from Dark Shadows.)

Click here to view the label.


NOMADS – I'm Popeye the Sailor Man/On The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rock (ABC-Paramount 10191)  EX    5

  (You know these songs, but not like this.  The Nomads give them the 1961 treatment, with the dance floor in mind.)

Click here to view the label.


PETER NOONE – Oh You Pretty Things/Because You're There (Bell 45-131/dj/slight wol)  VG+    7

(Very early David Bowie cover, from the Herman's Hermits frontman.   Unexpected and cool.)


NORTH ATLANTIC INVASION FORCE – The Rainmaker/Elephant In My Tambourine  (Mr. G 819/dj)   M-   10

(60s New England garage and psych mix, quite good)

Click here to view the label!


JOHNNY OLENN – Teenie/Devil Darling  (Personality 1002)                                                   VG        5 

Click here to view the label


OLIVER – Light The Way MONO/STEREO (United Artists 50735/dj)                                 EX to M-    5

(Early Eric Carmen composition, published by Magic Raspberries Music.   He even co-arranged this.)

Click here to view the label!


OLLIE & THE NIGHTINGALES – You're Leaving Me/same (Stax 0014/dj)                 VG+      5                  

   (Nice white label demo)


BOBBY ONE – Tell Me Again/A Heart and a Ring (Decca 30515/dj/sticker removed from label) EX      5

(Teen sounds on the 1950s green Decca promo label)

Click here to view the record.


DON ORBISON with the BASICS – Time/Oh Lonely Me (by THE BASICS) (Lavender 2040)  M-   7

   (Emotional teener ballad from the Pacific Northwest, sounding a lot like that "other" Orbison.   Don was the leader

of the Basics, from Eugene, Oregon.)

Click here to view the label


OSMOND BROTHERS – I Can't Stop/Flower Music (Uni 55015/dj/light date stamp)    Flower M-, Stop VG+    6

   (Late '60s sunshine pop with a real California summer sound, miles away from "One Bad Apple" and "Yo Yo"!
How cool is it that they're not just performing flower music, but also paying tribute to it!

Click here to view the label


OSMOND BROTHERS – Travels of Jamie McPheeters/Aura Lee (MGM 13174/dj)          EX         5

   (Very early promo by the future superstars.   "Jamie McPheeters" was a TV 
theme that was also recorded by the Brothers Gibb in their early days.)

Click here to view the label


OUR BROTHERS KEEPER – You've Been A Long Time Comin/Sunday People  
                                                                            (Columbia 4-45239/X's and date stamp on label)   EX to M-    6

   (Happy midtempo Northern soul, written by Brill Building legends Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil)

Click here to view the label


PAM AND JANE – Little Girl Stay Away/There Goes Linda  (Petal 1230)                               VG+       6

  (Teen girl group sounds out of the Carolinas )

Click here to see the label. 


PANDA PEEPLE – Ballin' The Jack/Melody World (Bell 45,479/dj)                                           M-       5       

   (Singing pandas?  Are you kidding me?  Dumb but fun 70s novelty record)


FREDDIE PARIS – It's OK To Cry, Now/Take Me As I Am  (RCA Victor 9232/dj)         EX to M-   6

   (Obscure one from 1967, from the Restless Hearts/Five Satins singer (whose name is usually
spelled Parris).  
Click here to view the label.


PARLETTES – Because We're Very Young/Tonight I Met An Angel (Jubilee 5467/wol)      VG+       6

(Innocent '60s girl group... featuring "Shoo-lang, shoo-lang, shoo-lang, doo bop" and "Ooh la la,
lolly lolly lolly!")

Click here to see the label


DOLLY PARTON – Something Fishy/I've Lived My Life (Monument 1007/wol)                 VG         5 

( Pre-superstardom single by Dolly from back in 1967)


PAUL (of PAUL & PAULA) – Happiness Across The Street/Teen Angel (LeCam 207)   VG+ to EX   5

(60s teen sound, produced by Major Bill Smith)
Click here to view the label.


PENTANGLE – Light Flight/Sally Go Round The Roses (Reprise PRO 391/dj)                      VG         5


PERE UBU – "The Fabulous Sequel" 3-song EP w/PIC SLV (Chrysalis 2372, UK/soc)  Record M-. Slv EX     7

Click here to see the Picture Cover.


MARY PETTI – Just For A Boy/(Here Am I) Broken Hearted  (RCA Victor 47-7949)            VG              6

(Cool teen rocker from 1961 that was given three stars by Billboard Magazine.  Flip it over for a teener ballad
that would have made Brenda Lee proud... or maybe Sue Winford.)
Click here to view the label.


THE PHANTOM – Calm Before The Storm/Black Magic, White Magic (Capitol 3857)        VG+          7  

   (Detroit band does their best Doors impression.    At one time some folks tried to pass this off as a Jim Morrison 

side project.   Close, but not quite.)


PIC-NIC – Callate Nina/Oi Tu Voz (UA International 2814)                                                            M-           5

 (Fans of 60s soft rock should like these Spanish tracks.   Kind of in the vein of Four Jacks & A Jill, the

Status Cymbal, or the Free Design.)

Click here to see it


PINKERTON'S ASSORT. COLOURS  – Mirror, Mirror/She Don't Care (Parrot 9820/dj/date stamp)    EX to M-   6

(1966 British invasion obscurity on a U.S. promo.   Members of this group went into acts such as the
Flying Machine, Trapeze, and Judas Priest!)

Click here to view the label


GENE PITNEY –  She's A Heartbreaker/Conquistador  (Musicor 1306/bb/sol)              EX to M-       6

(1968 minor hit with a Northern soul sound, thanks to writers and producers Charlie Foxx and Jerry "Swamp Dogg" Williams)


PLASTIC ONO BAND  – Give Peace A Chance/Remember Love (Apple 1809 with PICTURE SLEEVE)  M- rec, VG slv   6

  Click here to view the picture sleeve.


PONDEROSA TWINS + ONE – Hey Girl/You Send Me  (Horoscope 102)                        M-         6

   (Nice '70s crossover sound, with a "Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You" sort of beach beat)

Click here to view the label.


DAVID PORTER – Long As You're The Somebody In The World/same (Enterprise 9071/dj/wol) M-  5

   (Sweet soul from Memphis, and half of the Hayes-Porter team)


PRINCE BUSTER – Ten Commandments (From Man To Woman)/Don't Make Me To Cry (Philips 40427/bb)  VG+   6

   (1967 mod ska classic that men loved, and women hated!)

Click here to see the label.


PROCESSION – Adelaide, Adelaide/One Day In Every Week (Smash 2225/dj)                   M-          6

   (60s Australian band featuring Mick Rogers) 


DENNY PROVISOR – Mickey Mouse/Walk On With Him (20th Century Fox 506)          M-          8

  (Vintage 1964 recordings by a future member of the Grass Roots.   "Walk On With Him" is a dramatic

ballad, influenced by Roy Orbison.) 


THE PUFNSTUF –  Pufnstuf/Nonsense  (Decca 32702/bb)                                                     M-         8

(Song from the popular Sid & Marty Krofft production, still in its original Decca Records sleeve.)

Click here to see the label.


PUGSLEY MUNION –  Slumberland Blues/Just Like You (J&S 0002)    M- record, VG+ label       7

(Heavy blues-based psych, with hard rock vocals and psychedelic guitar)

Click here to see the label.


SAMMY PURCELL – My Darling Baby's Eyes/Hoop-A-Round Rosie (Fleetwood 1004) EX         7

(Early 60s popcorn sound)

Click here to see the label.


PURPLE IMAGE – Why/Marching To A Different Drummer   (De-Lite 526)                       EX          8

   (Super-cool mixture of 70s funk and psychedelia.)


MICHAEL RABON & CHOCTAW – Mary Miles/California, Hollywood (Uni 55289/dj)   EX    6 

(British-influenced sounds by a group that came out of the Five Americans.   Fans of the "Fading
Yellow" sound (and even later Beatles stuff) will enjoy this one.)

Click here to see the label.


MARVIN RAINWATER – Gonna Find Me A Bluebird/So You Think Youve Got Troubles (MGM 12412/dj)   VG    5

   (Original 1956 promo)

Click here to view the label


BONNIE RAITT – You've Been In Love Too Long Edited Version STEREO/MONO 

                                                                                                                            (Warner Bros. 7758/dj)   M-        6

(Early (1973) single, including the AM radio mix that's unavailable elsewhere)


RAMRODS – Soultrain Side 1/Soultrain Side 2 (Rampage 1000)                                             VG (+)      6

  (Funky instrumental, small label release)

Click here to view the label!


KEN RAMSEY – Ping Pong Part 1/Part 2 (Omega 706/wol)                                                    VG +        5

  (Early 60s oddball, autographed by the artist, Kenny Ramsey)

Click here to view the label!


TEDDY RANDAZZO – Girl On My Mind/Maggie's Theme  (Buddah 34/dj)                 EX to M-    5

  (Obscure non-hit 45 by the songwriter/producer)


RAS MICHAEL & SONS OF NEGUS – Mr. Wicked Men/Chant Out The Wicked

                                                                                                                   (Rastafari no #/xol)               VG+        5

  (More than thirty year old reggae import)

Click here to view the label.


LOU RAWLS – See You When I Git There/Spring Again (Philadelphia Intl. 3623)                 M-        7

   (A popular soul night spin in recent years)

Click here to view the label.


RAYS featuring Hal Miller – Rags To Riches/The Man Above (Cameo 133)                 VG++        5


REAL THING – You To Me Are Everything/Keep An Eye On Your Best Friend (UA 833)   M-        5

   (U.S. issue of this major English chart -- and dance floor -- hit of the 70s.  The Real Thing had their roots

in the Merseybeat boom of the 60s, then known as the Chants!.  Still in its original United Artists sleeve.)


GENE REDDING – Blood Brothers/Once A Fool (Haven 7003)                                             M-          8

  (Modern soul favorite with a great story about race relations in America)


VIVIAN REED – Mama Open The Door/Medley (Epic 10382/dj/X on label/sticker mark)   EX          6

  (Emotional deep soul ballad, about a hooker with regrets who's now being shunned.   She should 
have listened to her Mama!  Co-written by Artie Wayne)

Click here to see the label.


VIVIAN REED – Baby Baby (I'll Be Your Woman Till I Die)/I  (Epic 10290)                 EX to M-         6

  (Crossover soul answer record to the Union Gap's "Woman Woman".    Unlike Gary Puckett's
woman, Vivian has decided to stand by her man.)

Click here to see the label.


CLARENCE REID – Till I Get My Share/With Friends Like These (Alston 4616/bb hole)   EX     10

   (The man better known as Blow Fly, with some funky Miami soul... and some great guitar work
from Little Beaver.)

Click here to see the label.


RENAULTS – Ten Questions/Two Face (Chicory 1600/heavy wol on one side of label)     VG           5

(Early '60s doo wop with a rock 'n roll flip, arranged by Charlie Calello and produced by Frank Slay)


GOOGIE RENE & HIS BAND – Swingin' Summer Love/Shine On Harvest Moon (Class 227)   VG   5 


RESOLUTION – The Old Man/Pretty Girl Why (GM 114)                                                        VG+       6

   (Obscure Detroit rock 45, including a little-covered Buffalo Springfield song)

Click here to view the label.


REVERES – Beyond The Sea/The Show Must Go On  (Jubilee 5463/wol)                               VG        5      

   (Obscure Jeff Barry - Artie Resnick song on one side;  a Jan & Dean styled cover of Bobby Darin

on the other.   Plays great -- much better than the grade.)


CLIFF RICHARD – Hey Doctor Man/All My Love (Columbia 128 - FRANCE)                 VG+      7

   (Rocking 60s track by Cliff and the Shadows.   On an obscure French red label Columbia single.   From the

London Palladium production of Cinderella)

Click here to view the label!)


JIMMY RICHARDS – Cool As A Moose/Strollin' and Boppin' (Columbia 4-41083/wol/sol) VG       5

  (The song titles say it all.)


TURLEY RICHARDS – It's All Over Now Baby Blue/Virginia Woman (Warner Bros. 7487/dj)  M-   5


RIGHT KIND – Why Did You Have To Lie/I've Been Changed (Galaxy 759/wol)              EX    12          

   (West Coast 60s soul group with doo wop influence.  The flip is funky dancing soul with a 

gospel flavor.) 

Click here to view the label.


RIP CHORDS – Three Window Coupe/Hot Rod U.S.A. (Columbia 43035)                            M-       6

   (Gorgeous original pressing on the orange Columbia label.  Stunning!  A-side co-written by Jan

Berry;  B-side co-written by Terry Melcher and Bobby Darin!)


AUSTIN ROBERTS – Don't Stop Me Baby/If It's A Question Of Love (Arista 0335)     EX          6


AUSTIN ROBERTS  – Runaway-Just A Little/Sarah  (Philips 40638/bb)                          VG+        6

(Medley of Del Shannon & Beau Brummels hits.   The flip has a really atmospheric sound, due in
part to Vincent Bell's "underwater guitar" sound)


LOUIE ROBERTS – Connie/Sandy  (Decca 32807/dj)                                                           EX          5

   (Teen ballad, in a Ronnie Dove kind of vein)


ROCK FLOWERS – Number Wonderful STEREO/MONO  (Wheel 282/dj)                        EX         5           ** SOLD **

   (Mixed-race girl group featuring Peggy Clinger of the Clinger Sisters and Kaptain Kool & The Kongs)


ROCK 'N ROLL GYPSIES – (It's A) Love In/The Message (Original Sound 73)            M-        8 

   ('60s hippies mixing folk, poetry, beat imagery, and political themes.   After all, we'd just gone through
the Summer of Love!   On the same label as the Music Machine)

Click here to see the label.


TOMMY ROE – A Wild Water Skiing Weekend/Dance With henry (ABC-Paramount 10555/dj)  VG+    7 

   (Tommy's attempt at a West Coast surfing and hot rod sound... but instead of shooting the curl,
he's going water skiing!   Good guitar break, too)

Click here to see the label.


MENARD ROGERS & PLAYERS – Ain't Nothing But A Titty/O' My Love (Margaret 995)   M-    7 

   (Funky Chicago soul tribute to... well... titty.  Rogers goes into a story about a cow, but we all know
that's not what he's really talking about.)

Click here to see the label.


BOBBY RUSH – Chicken Heads/Mary Jane (Galaxy 778/large wol)                                     VG            6

(Funky swamp soul.   On "Mary Jane", Bobby gets high and can't find his money or his car!)

Click here to see the label.


RUSH – Closer To The Heart/Madrigal  (Anthem 004/CANADA)                                            VG            5 

(Early one by them, on a Canadian label)

Click here to see the label.


JOHNNY RUSSELL – Mr. And Mrs. Untrue/I'm Stayin'  (RCA 48-1000/dj)                        M-         5

   (Country version of the great Toni Wine cheating song, that was turned into a deep soul delight by 

Candi Staton and Mighty Sam)


MITCH RYDER – Blessing In Disguise/What Now My Love (Dynovoice 901)      EX to M-         5

   (Same song as Hal Miller)


SACCO – The People Theme (Part 1) stereo/mono   (Lifesong 1775/dj)                                      M-         5

   (Lou Christie obscurity from 1978)


OLIVER SAIN – Booty Bumpin (The Double Bump)/California Sunset (Abet 9458)            M-        5

   (Still in its original A-bet "Nashboro Group" sleeve)


SALVATION CONGREGATION – Brother-Sister/By The River (Alithia 6034/dj)      EX         5 

(Click here to see the label.


SAN REMO GOLDEN STRINGS – Hungry For Love/All Turned On (Ric-Tic 104)   M-        8

   (This is actually Motown's famous Funk Brothers, moonlighting for another Detroit record company.  

Northern soul instrumental classic.)


EVIE SANDS – Angel Of The Morning/Dear John  (Cameo 475/dj)                                                      5

   (Original version of the Merrilee Rush hit.   "Angel Of The Morning" plays VG+, while the flip plays VG-)


EVIE SANDS – Maybe Tomorrow/But You Know I Love You (A&M 1175)                          EX        6


TOMMY SANDS – That's Love/Crossroads  (Capitol 4366)                                                     M-       5

   ('50s teen idol gets the Nelson Riddle treatment.   Purple-label Capitol 45 in great condition.)


SANDS OF TIME – A Tribute To The Beach Boys '76 stereo/mono (Kirshner 4263/dj)       M-      5

   (The Tokens were behind this harmony pop gem)


MONGO SANTAMARIA – Watermelon Man/Don't Bother Me No More (Battle 45909/wol)  VG   5

 (All-time classic Latin soul boogaloo hit)


BOBBY SAX – Caribbean Disco Part 1/Part II  (Abet 9467/dj)                                          VG+ to EX    5

Click here to see the label


JOEY SCARBURY – I Love You As You Are/I'll Never Set You Free (Reena 1024)         VG+       6

   (Pre-hit recordings from April 1968, when Joey was just thirteen years old.)

Click here to see the label.


THE SEARCHERS – Goodbye My Love/Till I Met You (Pye 770/CANADA)                   EX        5

  (On the cool-looking bright red Canadian Pye label)


THE SEEKERS – Chilly Wind/The Light From The Lighthouse (Marvel 1060)                  EX          5

   (Obscure U.S. release from the famous folk group)


EDDY SENAY – Hot Thang/Ain't No Sunshine (instrumental) (Sussex 230)                     VG+         5

  (Funky soul instrumentals with guitar)

Click here to see the label.


SEVEN DAYS – Tijuana (Surfin')/Angelito  (Peerless 8121)                                                  VG+         6

   (Surfin' sound, according to the label, on a U.S. pressing out of Gardena, California.
"Angelito" is a version of the old Rene and Rene hit.)

Click here to view the label.


PATSY SEXTON – Graceland/Who Would Dare Try  (Delta 1152)                                     VG           5

   (Two Elvis tributes.  The flip chastizes would-be Elvis imitators!)


DEL SHANNON – Cry Myself To Sleep/I'm Gonna Move On (Big Top 3112/dj)               M-        8 

(Very nice white label promo)

Click here to see the label.


HELEN SHAPIRO – Walkin' Back To Happiness/Kiss 'N Run  (Capitol 4662)                 VG+        5


DEE DEE SHARP – Help Me Find My Groove/This Love Wont Run Out (Atco 6587/dj/X on label)   M-     8

  (Deep soul from some of the finest writers in the South -- Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham, and
Isaac Hayes & David Porter.  Produced by Tom Dowd.  Very clean vinyl)

Click here to see the label.


DAMON SHAWN – Feel The Need/I'm Wishing  (Westbound 193)                          VG to VG+     5

  (Decent version of a song better known by the Detroit Emeralds)


BILLY SHEARS & ALL AMERICANS – Brother Paul/Message To Seymour (Silver Fox 12+1)   EX   6

  ("Paul McCartney is dead" cash-in from these Louisiana dudes who also recorded as
Lenny Damon & the Bah Humbug Band.   Recorded at the same Louisiana studio as many
garage band greats, including several on the Busy B label.)

Click here to see the label.


DOUG SHEEHAN – Annie Logan, Eat Your Heart Out/same (Horn 16/dj)                        EX          5

   (A musical history of the soap opera "General Hospital", from one of its former stars.   

   Sheehan played Joe Kelly.)


ROSCOE SHELTON – Strain On My Heart/Question (Sims 217)                                       EX         6

  (Deep soul from Nashville)


BUNNY SHIVEL – You'll Never Find A Love Like Mine/The Slide (Capitol 5765/dj)         M-       15

   (Classy, midtempo dancer, produced by Marvin Hughes.  It's always cool to find a white
demo on Capitol.   In its original company sleeve.)

Click here to view the label


SHOCKING BLUE – Long and Lonesome Road/Bool Weevil (Colossus 141)                   M-      10 

(Mod sound, great for dancing)

Click here to see the label.


SHRUNKEN HEADS –  Jungle Rot/Jungle Rot (Funky 332/dj)                                           M-          8

(Silly white boy funk from Nashville.   Fans of "Silly Savage" might like this.   "What have you got?

Jungle rot!")

Click here to see the label.


SILHOUETTES – Headin' For The Poorhouse/Miss Thing  (Ember 1032)                 VG to VG+       8

  (Classic vocal group updates their sound a bit, mixing an R&B dance vibe with uptempo doo wop harmonies.)

Click here to see the label. 


SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET – Michoacan/Westside Blues Again (Mercury 73257/dj)   M-        6     

   (Obscure one, co-written by Kim Fowley) 

Click here to see the label. 


SLY & THE FAMILY STONE – I Ain't Got Nobody/I Can't Turn You Loose (Loadstone 3951)   VG+    6

   (Early tracks by the future hit-making group)


SMILING FACES – Younger Girl/You're Gonna Think Of Me (King 6395)                EX to M-       6


SMUBBS – Un-Pollution complete version/short version (Monument 1191/dj)                   VG           5

(Non-LP track by this New York group)


SOCIETY'S CHILDREN –  Count The Ways/Golden Child (Atco 45-6553/bb)          EX            5


BILL SODEN – An Echo In Your Mind/Rainy Day (Compass 7004/dj)                     EX to M-         6 

(The guy who's best  known for "My Mermaid And Me", with a couple of good folk-rock tunes.)

Click here to view the label


BERT SOMMER –  Hold The Light/She's Gone (Capitol 2434/dj)                                  VG++         8

(Obscure late 60s solo single by this Woodstock figure who briefly sang lead for the Left Banke)

Click here to see the label.


JOANIE SOMMERS – Big Man/Goodbye Summer (Warner Bros. 5390/dj)                 M-            5 

(The '60s singing star, with a popcorn dancer and an atmospheric & sad teen ballad.
There's even some subtle fuzz guitar in "Big Man".)

Click here to view the label


SOUL CHILDREN – Hold On, I'm Coming/Make It Good (Stax 0062/stickers on label)  VG+        5


SOUL EAST – Funky Lady Part 1/Part 2  (DeLuxe 108/slight storage warp not affecting play)   EX to M-     5

(Funky instrumental)

Click here to view the label.


SOUL TORANODOES – Go For Yourself/Funky Thang (Burt 4000)                      VG- to VG     10

(Funky stuff on an independent Nashville-distributed label, with some great guitar and organ work)

Click here to see the label. 


SOULFUL STRINGS – The Stepper/On The Dock Of The Bay (Cadet 5607/dj)              VG          5

(Hammond organ groover from a group led by former Sun Ra bass player Richard Evans.)

Click here to see the label.


SOULOSOPHY – Take Me To The Pilot/Friends and Lovers  (Epic 10717/dj)                    EX          5                                         

Click here to see the label.


JOE SOUTH – Same Old Song/Standing Invitation  (MGM 13145)                                        VG+       7        

  (Little-seen 1963 release.  "Same Old Song" has a Northern soul feel, and is listed in the Manship

Rare Soul Guide... while "Invitation" shows off South's Atlanta rocker roots.)

Click here to see the label.


SOUTHERN BELL SINGERS – The Tragedy of Kennedy/I Will Overcome Someday  (Vee Jay 934)  EX to M-   8

   (Good black gospel, written and recorded just days after JFK's assassination)

Click here to view the label.


SOUTHROAD CONNECTION – You Like It, We Love It Pt. 1/Pt. 2 (Mahogany 1277) EX    6                     

(Small-label disco from 1977.   Reminds me a bit of B.T. Express)

Click here to see the label. 


SPECTORS THREE  – I Know Why/I Really Do (Trey 3001/dj)                               VG to VG+       6

(Early Phil Spector compositions/arrangements)   Click here to see the label.


SPOONBREAD – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/I'm The One (Stang 5043)   Nice VG+       5


SPRINGFIELDS – Island Of Dreams/Foggy Mountain Top (Philips 40099/dj)                  VG+       5

(Early DUSTY SPRINGFIELD, on a beautiful green Philips promo label.   Her vocals are very prominent here.)


STAGE HANDS – Shag/Rocking Horse (RIC 147-64/dj)                                                           M-        5

(60s novelty about a talking dog, with Chipmunk style vocals.   The flip is an instrumental)

Click here to view the label!


STARK NAKED & CAR THIEVES – Mixed Emotions/What Is A Youth (MGM Attarack 101/dj)   M-   7 

(Obscure one by a California (via Indianapolis) band  that was also known as SN & The CT's)

Click here to see the label.


STATE DEPT. – Be Yourself Part 1/Part 2 (Abbott 154)                                                             M-      6           

(Obscure -- and quite good -- early 70s Van McCoy song/production.)


JULIA STEELE – Florida Boy/Why Did He Make The Rainbow (A.J. 901)                        EX         10


STEVE & EYDIE feat. THE OSMONDS – We Can Make It Together/E Fini (MGM 14383)  VG  to VG+   5 

  (Unlikely collaboration from 1971)


GARY STITES – Only A Fool Would Say/You Doubted Me  (Mr. Peeke 122)             VG+ to EX    6

  (Teen sound from an underrated pop singer, who would later move to Miami and manage great
'60s garage bands such as the Birdwatchers and Mor-Loks.)

Click here to see the label.


BILLY STRANGE – High Chaparral/Gunsmoke (GNP Crescendo 417/dj)                          EX          5

  (Two classic Western TV themes on one 45 by the legendary Wrecking Crew guitarist)


STRANGELOVES – Cara-Lin/(Roll On) Mississippi  (Bang 508/bb)                                    M-          6

  (Garage near-hit in great condition)

Click here to see the label.


SHARON STRAUSS – Don't Keep Our Friends Away From Me/Don't Let Him Know  (ABC-Paramount 10349/dj)   VG    5

  (Early '60s teen girl obscurity from the same writing team behind Brian Hyland's early hits)
Click here to see the label.


STRIDELLS – Mix It Up/I Remember Christmas  (Curtom 1949)                                        EX to M-     8

   (Sweet soul group from Washington D.C., with a good sound.  Both sides are featured on
soul compilations.  Co-written and produced by Max Kidd, the go-go legend and former member
of the super-hot Mizax & the Flizaps.)

Click here to see the label.


BOBBY STRINGER – Before You/You've Got Too Many Miles (SWAR 7125)       EX to M-   10

   (Small label modern soul from Miami, Florida)

Click here to view the label.


JOEY STROBEL & RUNAWAYS – Sax Shuffle/What Good Is Love (Bear 1973/wol)    VG+      6

  (1966 tittyshaker on a collectible Minneapolis label.  The sax and guitar interplay would have
made Noble "Thin Man" Watts proud.)

Click here to see the label.


BARBARA STROMAN – Hypnotized/Hypnotized (Star Vision 1105/dj)                         M-       8

   (Good, obscure remake of the Linda Jones deep soul classic)

Click here to view the label.


NOLAN STRONG – Mind Over Matter/Beside You  (Fortune 546)                                      VG       6
  (Good doo wop from 1962, on the collectable Detroit label.   The flip is an R&B soul dancer) 

Click here to see the label. 


JUD STRUNK – Children At Play/Self-Eating Watermelon (Columbia AE 23/dj)                EX         5


STRYE'S – Let's Give It A Try/Try It Nuh (K.J. no #/JAMAICA)                                             VG+      5

   (Soulful reggae.  Original Jamaican pressing.)


DEBBIE STUART – Your Report Card/Talk Back Trembling Lips (Philips 40126/dj)        EX        6

(Have you ever been out with someone who seemed to grade you on every little thing you did?

Well, just check out this 1963 tune from Debbie Stuart.   She gives her boyfriend a report card, on everything

from conduct to the way he kisses!   The actual A-side was "Talk Back Trembling Lips", which became a hit

later that same year for Johnny Tillotson.)

Click here to view the label


SUBS – Gimme Your Heart/Party Clothes  (Stiff COU-B/OFF1/BELGIUM with PICTURE SLEEVE)  M- rec, VG+ slv    7

   (Driving melodic '70s punk on yellow wax)

Click here to see the picture sleeve.


SUGAR SHOPPE – Privilege/Poor Papa (Capitol 2326/dj/date on label)                                 M-      5


SUNDOWN COMPANY – Norma Jean Wants To Be A Movie Star/Moon Beam Pie (Polydor 14312/X on label)   M-   5

  (Obscure '70s movie theme, about Marilyn Monroe)

Click here to see the label.


SUNGLOWS – Popcorn/The Circus  (Sunglow 118)                                                                  VG+      5


SUNRAYS – Loaded With Love/Time  (Tower 340/"X" on label)                                             EX        8                                                           

(Obscure one by the "Andrea"-"I Live For The Sun" surf group.   Co-produced by Brian Wilson's
evil dad, Murry Wilson)

Click here to see the label.


SWEENEY TODD – Roxy Roller MONO/STEREO  (London 5N-240-DJ/dj)                          M-      5
  (Glam classic co-written by Nick Gilder) 

Click here to see the label. 


BOBBY TAYLOR  – Why Play Games/Don't Wonder Why (Playboy 6046)                       M-     8

  (70s crossover soul, both sides co-published by Motown's Jobete Music)

Click here to view the label.


CHIP TAYLOR – Innocent Eyes/Foolin' Around (MGM 12993/dj/wol)                               EX      7 

   (Early teen efforts by the singer-songwriter, who'd go on to write many hits 
including "Wild Thing" and "Angel of the Morning")

Click here to view the label


JOHNNIE TAYLOR – Love Bones/same (Stax 0055)                                                          VG+      5             

(White-label demo of this October 1969 Southern Soul classic)


TED TAYLOR – You Must Have Been Meant For Me/Time Has A Way (Okeh 7159/dj/wol)   VG    5

   (R&B with a tear stain, as you'd expect from the always soulful Taylor.
Produced by Carl Davis.)

Click here to view the label


TEEGARDEN & VANWINKLE  –  God Love & Rock & Roll/Work Me Tomorrow (Plumm 68102/wol)  VG+   8

  (First, local Detroit label, almost two years before its national breakthrough on Westbound.   These guys were

previously members of the Sunday Servants with J.J. Cale, and one of them later played with Bob Seger and the

Silver Bullet Band.)

Click here to view the label


TELSTARS – Keep On Running/Hold Tight  (Columbia 44141/dj/wol)                                 EX       8 

   (Fuzzy version of the Spencer Davis mod classic, from a group of guys that were very popular
in Washington D.C., thanks in part to radio station WPGC.  Produced by the same team that was
behind acts such as the Blues Magoos.)

Click here to view the label


NINO TEMPO & APRIL STEVENS – Whispering/Tweedle Dee (Atco 45-6281)    M-      5

   (This 48-year-old record looks like it just came from the factory.   In great shape) 


TEQUES – If I Could/Why Must It Be  (Star-Vue 1410)                                                               EX      10

   (Excellent sweet soul with MIKKI FARROW)


PHIL TERRY – Day Is Done/Dixie Bugle  (Test Pressing 20th Century 640/dj/wol)              M-       5

  ("My day is done in Viet Nam.  I'm tired."  With those words, Terry shares a soldier's story,
the way it was 50 years ago.)
Click here to see the label.


TEXTONES – Some Other Girl/Reason To Leave (IRS Faulty Products 01 w/PS)  M- record, EX slv   6 

   (Power pop with future member of the Go Go's, Kathy Valentine)


THIN LIZZY – Whisky In The Jar/Black Boys On The Corner (Decca 13355/UK)                EX       6

   (Early release by Phil Lynott and the gang (a pirate radio favorite), on an original UK pressing)


THINK – Once You Understand/Gather (Laurie 3583)                                                                 VG+       5


3rd AVENUE BLUES BAND –Come On and Get It/Rose Garden (Revue 11067/bb/small label tear)   VG+ to EX    6 

   (Funky soul with some cool drum and horn breaks... with vocals that remind me of Eddie & Ernie)

Click here to view the label


THIRD RAIL – Boppa Do Down Down/Invisible Man (Epic 10240/dj)                                  M-        6

(Beautiful 1968 promo, featuring Joey Levine and Artie & Kris Resnick.   A bubblegum A-side,
and cool pop psych B-side)

Click here to view the label


IRMA THOMAS – You're The Dog/She'll Never Be Your Wife  (Fungus 15119)               VG        6

  (A deep soul ballad and a Sister Funk workout... with some help from Swamp Dogg, Charles
Whitehead, and Gary U.S. Bonds.   Love the funky label graphics...)

Click here to see the label.


RUFUS THOMAS – Jump Back 75 Part 1/Part 2 (Stax 0254/slt. storage warp not affecting play)  EX   5

  (Rufus updates his '60s classic, dressing it up in a suit of funk.   I bet you can even dance the "Itch &
Scratch" to this.)

Click here to see the label.


TERI THORNTON – To Remember You By/Won't Somebody Please Belong To Me (Columbia 43209/dj)   M-  5

  (Sort of a Belgian popcorn sound, on a beautiful 1965 white-label promo)

Click here to see the label.


3 FRIENDS – You're A Square/Go On To School  (Imperial 5773)                                             VG+        5 

 (Old school '50s R&B sound, including an answer of sorts to the Coasters' "Charlie Brown")                                     

Click here to see the label.


THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN – Accidents STEREO/MONO  (Track 2718/dj/sticker on label)   VG+     5

  (Obscure follow-up to their hit, produced by Pete Townshend)

Click here to view the label.


TIMON – And Now She Says She Is Young STEREO/MONO  (Threshold 67003DJ/dj)          M-       8

   (Obscure U.S. promo, produced by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues)

Click here to view the label.


TOKENS – The Three Bells (The Jimmy Brown Song)/same  (B.T. Puppy 516/dj/dol)           EX        5

Click here to view the label.


TONY'S TYGERS – Little By Little/Days And Nights (A&M 921/bb/slight wol)              VG        5


TORKAYS – Why Baby Why/Love Hurts  (Cypress 95914/15)                                    VG- to VG       8

(1965 obscurity from Jacksonville, Florida, on the same label as "Stand Up Girl" by the Sand Pipers)

Click here to view the label.


TOWER OF POWER – What Is Hip (Edited Version) MONO/STEREO (Warner Bros. 7748/dj) M-  5


ED TOWNSEND – Who Would Deny Me/Mommy's Never Comin Back (MGM 13784/dj/date
                                                stamp on label.  Slight storage warp, not affecting play.     EX to M-       5

Click here to view the label


TRADE WINDS – Girl From Greenwich Village/There's A Rock 'n Roll Show (Red Bird 10-028/dj)     VG+    8

(New York wasn't such a lonely town when the girl from Greenwich Village showed up.   Good surf
vocals and hot rod lyrics (they're in there) from Peter Anders, Vini Poncia, and friends)

Click here to view the label.


TRAFFIC – Feelin' Alright/Withering Tree (United Artists 50460)                                          EX          6

   ('60s psych classic featuring Stevie Winwood)

Click here to view the label.


TRAITS – Harlem Shuffle/Somewhere  (Scepter 12169/bb)                                                VG to VG+      5

(Roy Head's group took on the Bob & Earl classic, under the guidance of producer Huey Meaux.
Funky guitar and horns are a highlight.   This managed to scrape the lower portions of the Billboard
Hot 100 in late 1966.)

Click here to view the label.


TURTLES – Guide For The Married Man/Think I'll Run Away (White Whale 251)             VG+      8

   (Little-known follow-up to "She'd Rather Be With Me" that was pulled in favor of" You Know What I Mean" )

Click here to view the label.


U-DWI PEOPLES PARAPHERNALIA – Push And Pull (The Tom Jones)/Terrible Train 

                                                                            (BRC 102/dj/record store stamp on label)             EX       10

   (Obscure funk.   Click here to see the label.


LESLIE UGGAMS – River Deep Mountain High/In The Land Of Make Believe (Atlantic 2524/dj)    M-     6
  (Leiber & Stoller produced this excellent version of the Phil Spector classic.   For the flip they chose
a Burt Bacharach song that you might also know by Dusty Springfield.  Very clean vinyl.) 

Click here to see the label.


UJIMA – A Shoulder To Lean On mono/stereo  (Epic 8-50095/dj)                                           M-        10
  (70s Northern soul crossover in great shape)   

Click here to see the label. 


UNICORN – Electric Night STEREO/MONO  (Capitol 3993/dj)                                              EX         5
  (70s English obscurity produced by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame) 

Click here to see the label. 


ALAN VALLONE GROUP – I;ve Been Unfaithful/She Wont Kiss Me Goodnight (ABC 10837/dj)    VG to VG+    8
  (1966 New York folk rock, from a group that once included Vince Martell of Vanilla Fudge... though it's
not clear if he's on these recordings.) 

Click here to see the label.

BOBBY VALERIO – Statue Of A Fool/Soul Of A Man (Mercury 72972/dj/date on label/warp that does not affect play)   EX   5 
    (Obscure Major Bill Smith soul production)
Click here to view the label.


BILLY VERA & CONTRASTS – My Heart Cries/All My Love (Rust 505                   M-         7

  (Early one by the future hitmaker, in great shape)

Click here to see the label. 


VIVIAN VERDREE feat. ED BOZE – Mister Soul Singer/same (Avco 4650/dj) EX  to M-    10

  (Emotional, tear-your-heart-out deep soul from the school of pleading and testifying)


JIMMIE R. VESTAL – That's All Right/My Precious Love (Sand And Palms 001/002)   M-     5

   (Neo-rockabilly on gorgeous blue marble colored wax )

Click here to view the label.


VIDALTONES – Forever/Someone To Love  (Josie 900/wol)                                                 VG+        7

   (Early '60s doo wop 45, with good group harmony vocals)

Click here to view the label.


VOGUES – Magic Town/Humpty Dumpty (Co & Ce 234)                                                          EX+       5                 

(Very clean copy of this classic 1966 Barry Mann - Cynthia Weil tune)


VONNAIR SISTERS – I Don't Wanna Play In Your Yard/Goodbye To Toyland (Vista 390)    M-     6

   (Very innocent teen girl group sound, on this Disney-related label from around 50 years ago.   
In great condition.)

Click here to view the label.


BUNNY WALTERS – The Nearest Thing To Heaven/Songs We Sang Together (Impact 1084)   M-   5

   (A New Zealand artist, on a New Zealand label, singing two Tony Macaulay songs)

Click here to see the label.


BILLY WARD & DOMINOES – September Song/When The Saints (Decca 9-30514/dj)   VG   5 

(Classic '50s doo wop group, putting their unique stamp on a couple of standards.

Click here to see the label.


BILLY WARD & DOMINOES – Jennie Lee/Music, Maestro, Please (Liberty 55136/wol)   EX    5 

  (You know "Jennie Lee" by Jan & Arnie, but did you know t here was also a 1958 R&B version
of the song?)


DIONNE WARWICKE – Take It From Me/It's Magic  (Warner Bros. 8088)                   VG+     6

   ('70s Modern soul, written and produced by Jerry Ragovoy.  A tougher sound than usual from
Warwick, with the dance floor in mind.)

Click here to see the label.


WATTS 103rd ST. RHYTHM BAND – Till You Get Enough/Light My Fire (WB 7298) EX to M-   6

(Funky soul)


THE WEIGHT – Another Side Of This Life/Flip, Flop And Fly (Bertram Intl. 230)             M-         8

   (Obscure late 60s version of the Fred Neil classic, done sort of CCR style.) 

Click here to see the label.


JUNIOR WELLS – Girl You Lit My Fire/It's A Man Down There  (Blue Rock 4062/bb/slight wol)   EX to M-     10

(Groovin' cuts for the dance floor, from the Chicago blues, soul, and R&B legend.  The Allman Brothers
must have really liked "It's A Man Down There", because they rewrote it (just barely) as "One Way Out")

Click here to view the label.


MARY WELLS – Don't Look Back/500 Miles  (Jubilee 5639/CANADA)                             M-         6

   (Lesser-heard post-Motown release, on its original Canadian label) 

Click here to see the label.


JUDY WHITE – (Tell Me) Who Am I/Building A World For Two (Buddah 33/dj)            EX          5

(Good deep soul from 1968)

Click here to view the label.


WHIZZ KIDDS –  Magic Connection/I Couldn't Love You Again (Sunday 1010/wol)    VG+      10

(Obscure private press, mixing disco and modern soul from 1976.   The writing looks like an autograph.)

Click here to see the label.


ARTHUR WILD  – Woman In My Life/Love Is Just A Beginning (Capitol 2827/dj)      VG+       5

   (1970 teen idol sound, from the brother of H.R. Pufnstuf star Jack Wild)


WILDWEEDS – It Was Fun (While It Lasted)/Sorrow's Anthem (Cadet 5586/bb)           EX         5

   (Northern soul meets psych from this New England 60s band that featured Al Anderson, pre NRBQ)


ANDY & DAVID WILLIAMS – I Don't Know Why/Baby Love (Kapp 2192/dj/date on label)  EX   5


JIMMY WILLIAMS –  Laughed Away/One More Time  (Cub 9017/dj)                        EX           6

Click here to see the label.


JILL WILLINGER – Billy/Face In The Wind (Decca 732480/dj sticker & small wol)    VG         5

   (Co-written and produced by Ron Dante) 


AL WILSON – Show And Tell/Listen To Me (Rocky Road 30073/sticker on label)           M-        5 


J. FRANK WILSON – A White Sport Coat/Forget Me Not (Josie 938/dj)                       M-        5

   (Gorgeous white-label promo by the “Last Kiss” man, produced by the enigmatic Major Bill Smith)    


WIND – Groovin' With Mr. Bloe/Make Believe (Life 200/wol)                                               VG++       5         

  (The original version of this Northern soul instrumental.    The other side was a minor chart hit in 1969,

and was later covered by Joan Jett.)


WORLD OF OZ – King Croesus/Jack  (Deram 85034/bb)                                                      M-         8

   (While the A-side was 1968 Procol Harum-influenced prog rock, the flip somehow managed to

borrow the guitar lick from "The Little Black Egg")

Click here to view the label.


YOUNG GENERATORS – Sad & Lonely World Part 1/Part II (Star Ship 35101/2)       G        5                                                     

   (Super-soulful 70s out of Maryland.   This was sold to me as a M- record.   Not quite!)

Click here to view the label.


YOUNG-HOLT UNLIMITED – Doin' The Thing/The Beat Goes On (Brunswick 55338)     EX to M-   6                                     

   (Cool mod jazz in a Ramsey Lewis bag from these Chicago rhythm masters)

Click here to view the label.


YOUNGER BROS.  – Ya Gotta Believe Me/The Harmonica Lesson (Scepter 1297/bb) EX     10


RAY ZEINER – I Had A Girl/same (Poison Ring 721/dj)                                                      M-     10

   (Good deep soul ballad by a former member of the Wildweeds)

Click here to view the label.


ZIP-CODES – Sweet Meat Part 1/Part 2  (Better 001)                                                            VG       6

   (Cool small-label funk from 1970, with a drum break and a funky, funky feel)

Click here to view the label.






NELSON RIDDLE – The Defenders Theme/Naked City Theme (Capitol 4843)             EX        5







60s Florida garage band and soul book, in new condition.       $20.00


Write for details!